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DEP investigates chemical spill on Lower Sleith

The Frametown and Service Volunteer Fire Departments responded to a complaint of foul odors and visible stream pollution in the creek near 2773 Lower Sleith Road. The incident was reported at approximately 4:50 p.m. Thursday, September 22.

Upon arrival FVFD members reported seeing what appeared to be fuel in the waterway, visible steam or gases, and the strong odor of “rotten eggs.” They immediately implemented measures to contain the pollutant.

According to reports, unidentified individuals were removing waste products from a near by well site when two containers, with approximately 250 gallon each, fell off a truck into the stream. The responsible individuals were still on scene when the first responders arrived.

The WV Department of Environmental Protection was notified. They responded with a hazardous materials response team and arrived at the spill site at approximately 6:15 p.m. A representative of the Department of Natural Resources also responded. Other local law enforcement was requested but did not respond.

Two local residents reported breathing difficulties and took themselves to Braxton County Memorial Hospital for examination.

No additional details have been released. The DEP investigation is continuing.