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Hats off to Brent Boggs…

A front-page story in this issue details the naming of the bridge over Elk River that provides access to the Braxton County Senior Center. As is noted in that story, Brent Boggs is the driving force behind the memorializing of John D. Forbush by naming the bridge, just a few yards away from where the river claimed him, in his honor.

I spoke briefly with Brent on Monday. He was at the Capitol for yet another Special Session. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

Few delegates would have been able to accomplish the task that Brent did in the short time frame that it occurred. His wealth of experience gave him the knowledge to know how to go through the back door to get thinks done in Charleston. It certainly paid off this time. Now a young firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice will be forever remembered when people pass between Gassaway and Sutton.

Brent also said that while it was definitely last minute, he was very glad that he was able to make the announcement on the 9-11 anniversary that was also designated by the American Legion to honor first responders.

Brent did a great job not only this past week but for the decades he has serviced as our legislator. I knew when he made the announcement not to seek reelection that our county was losing a valuable asset. Not taking anything away from the two candidates who are seeking to replace him, but his vast experience, professionalism and dedication to his fellow man, leave very big shoes to be filled.

Brent deserves the credit for this latest accomplishing in honoring John Forbush. He also deserves a huge thank you for the citizens of our county for his honorable service.

Before I finish this writing I just have to say that I don’t understand how the legislature can hold yet another special session, at a big expense to the taxpayers, considering they never finished the last one. I guess they have found some loop-hole that allows such an phenomenon, but I don’t think its right. Finish what you start before moving on. Make a decision, right or wrong, and let the voters know where you stand. Yes, at least the abortion issue is a sensitive one, but, isn’t that what we elect our representatives to do? Make a decision, you can’t avoid the issue forever!