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Vintage/Classic Vehicles Gather at the Labor Day
Weekend Car Show

By Fernando Rodriguez
The grounds of the Braxton County Jamboree in Gassaway served as a great backdrop to the dozens of cars, trucks, and motorcycles registered to compete for plaques and trophies. The participants offered domestic and foreign vehicles, old, older, and much older. The sunny day shone brighter by the reflection of the cars and trucks’ chrome and beautifully waxed finishes. Some cars staged a nostalgic time of my life, for example, one of the cars was parked by a Drive-In speaker, and a tray with burger, fries, and milkshake cradled in the window of the car, and sporting a bright pair of fuzzy dice, just like the good old days.
Tables set up at one corner of the grounds offered parts and related items for sale or trade. Ron Smith, from Belle, WV, was there attending to the largest display of collectible miniature vehicles I have ever seen. Hundreds of model cars, trucks, and utility vehicles covered every square inch of the many tables.
This event was the brainchild of Jack Friend, whose vision to stage a high-caliber car show in our area began over a year ago. After attending many other shows, Jack decided he would orchestrate one of his own. And a fantastic job he did. Awards included: plaques to the first 100 entries; Furthest Distance Trophy; and Top 45 numerous awards, trophies, and monetary awards. 50-50 tickets were sold by volunteers, and monies given away, along with free water, and more. The show included a Swap Meet area and car tunes were DJ’d out by Fletch. Fun and games for all!
Thank you, Jack, and all individuals that helped orchestrate this event in our community. Big thanks to the sponsors of the show: NAPA Auto Parts, Fisher Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Harts Pro Hardware, and West Virginia Metal Products.