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Labor Day…

Labor Day was anything but laborsom for me. Obviously, we didn’t work. If we had, you would have received your paper yesterday. Like most of you, we enjoyed the holiday.

The weekend didn’t start out very well for yours truely . Seems I developed a sudden case of strep throat. It started Thursday morning. I got up, showered, dressed etc… everything seemed fine. I had a hardboiled egg for breakfast and noticed my throat getting sore. It got worse as the day progressed, so I contacted my doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic. Jeanine picked up the meds for me and I began taking them first thing Friday morning.

I must say I felt pretty miserable Thursday and most of Friday.  It was difficult to talk (Jeanine didn’t mind that. In fact, I didn’t hear any complaints from the office staff either) and I couldn’t eat… that may have been the worst part.

We had planned to go to the lake for the weekend. Jeanine mentioned that perhaps we should stay home. I told her I could be miserable at the lake or at home and I would rather be on the lake. By Friday evening I was feeling a little better and managed to eat a little. I will say I was in bed before 9:00 which is very rare for me.

By morning, I was much improved and determined not to waste the weekend. It’s a good thing… our lake family didn’t want to stay at the docks, so we headed up stream to establish our temporary Mermaidville.

In addition to the holiday, the weekend was one of our lake family’s birthday and it was the big 6-0 so it was major. We had a great time with lots of great food, I’m sure glad that I improved to the point of being able to enjoy it.

The weather wasn’t really a problem until Sunday morning when we woke up to the monsoon. We were all pretty wet by the time the boats were docked and buckled down. Jeanine and I spend a couple of hours cleaning and putting things away and arrived home just before noon. The balance of Labor Day was spent in my recliner. All in all it was a very good holiday weekend. I hope your’s was too.

PS: Guess what… I think this may be a first, a holiday weekend and tons of great food and I lost weight. Was the strep throat worth it? Maybe!