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Inaugural WV Whitetail Summit Held at Flatwoods

Sportsmen and women, hunters and the WV DNR came together Friday, August 4 in Flatwoods for the first West Virginia Whitetail Summit. This event was provided free of charge and all sportsmen, sportswomen and stakeholders were welcome.
Attendees heard from Brett Skelly, WVDNR Deer Project Leader, about the West Virginia Deer Management Program, and the ongoing Deer Project.
Of great importance was the presentation by Ethan Barton (WVDNR Wildlife Disease specialist), with his in-depth explanations about EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) and CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) affecting some of our deer herds
The West Virginia Deer Association (WVDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of WV’s deer herds through education, conservation and the promotion of quality hunting opportunities for all West Virginia hunters. The WVDA was established in December of 2021 by a committed group of deer enthusiasts from all over the state with the goal of creating a unified voice for all of West Virginia’s deer hunters, regardless of method. The WVDA Board of Directors includes a representative for each of the six WVDNR Districts and adopts a quality minded approach to herd, habitat and hunter management as we consider future programs, advocacy and projects related to the core mission.
“Thank you to all the attendees and a special thank you to Brett, Ethan and the numerous other WV DNR folks that helped make this happen,” said a Summit spokesperson.