The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Commission Holds Brief Session

The Braxton County Commission conducted a brief meeting on Friday, August 5.
First to speak to the commission was Josh Nichols from Flatwoods Canoe Run PSD. He presented the commissioners with the first invoice for the Holly Gray Park Sewer Project for professional engineering services provided by E.L. Robinson Engineering and requested the allocated funds be released to pay the invoice and move forward with the project. Larry Clifton made the motion to release the allocated ARP funds in the amount of $250,000.
Next to speak was John Hoffman, OES/9-1-1/EMS Director. He did not have the OES/9-1-1 report available as there was an issue running the report on police activity in the new CAD system but would have it available at the next meeting. He did, however, have the EMS report. During the month of July, Braxton EMS responded to 169 calls for emergency services, with 175 patient contacts. Of these calls, 102 were street emergencies that resulted in transport to a medical facility, 52 were either stand-by, cancelled in route, refused transport, no patient contact, DOA, or mutual aid. EMS has 21 BLS transports and no ALS transports. Larry Clifton requested Hoffman present a profit/loss statement for July for the EMS in the near future.
Commission President Lisa Godwin requested the county provide the funds for the second ambulance crew required to cover the week Braxton County Fair in the amount of $3500. The request was approved on a motion by Larry Clifton.
President Godwin briefly discussed the recent public meeting regarding Frontier phone service issues. She noted the meeting was well attended with 78 in attendance and 22 individuals who signed up to speak concerning their issues. Since the meeting, the battery backup units have been replaced in two locations in the county.
In other business, the probate appointments for July 2022 were approved as well as the correction of erroneous assessments list and consolidation for Francis J. Atsberger on motions by Larry Clifton.
Three purchase orders were also approved on separate motions by Larry Clifton and Melvin Gum: #755 to Evans Auto Repair, strut assemblies/alignment/ labor for 2013 Ford Interceptor in the amount of $793.19; #756 to General Appliance, freon replacement and labor for Annex cooling system for $2,600; and #757 to Lowes, mower for animal shelter for $2,499.
Larry Clifton made motions to approved the following items: Bobby Painter to do FY 21/22 Financial Statement; purchase of bullet proof vests for Howard Carpenter and Floyd Cunningham for Annex Security; letter of resignation from Addi Facemire, BC Testing Services Center; approval of Medical Emergency Absentee Voting Policy; purchasing eight IRP radios and charging station for ambulances with ARP funding in the amount of $12,912 total; and invoices for county, p-card, and EMS.
Melvin Gum made the motions to approve to advertise for position at the BC Testing Services Center and approval of the July 15 meeting minutes.
The commission approved to authorize Lisa Godwin, as Commission President, to sign on behalf of the Animal Shelter Estate as beneficiary on a motion by Larry Clifton. The shelter was recently named as a beneficiary in an estate for approximately $15,000.
After a brief discussion, the commission approved the Just One Generation request for WVSNP CAT Grant Pass Thru funding in the amount of $1276.90 on a motion by Larry Clifton. The funding is to cover operational costs until the invoice reimbursements are completed.
The commission went into executive session to discuss personnel at 9:23am on a motion by Larry Clifton. They reconvened at 10:26pm.
Edie Tichner requested a discussion on the Co-op program at Braxton County High School be placed on the upcoming work session after the executive session.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:37am on a motion by Larry Clifton.