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Bad Axe Bistro Opens

By Fernando Rodriguez
An exciting new restaurant is now open on Main Street Sutton, in the building that originally housed the P. J. Berry’s General Store, later Ben Franklin, and much later, PJ Berry’s restaurant. The venue, an eclectic mix of foods and entertainment will feature modestly priced appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps and burgers for lunch or anytime, and a complete dinner menu comprised of delicious entrees including steaks, fish, shrimp, chicken, and assorted pastas, again, all priced to please any age, any budget.
The Bad Axe Bistro is the reality vision of owners Randy and Becky Conrad, and Tim Hoover. They, and their crew, have been working day and night to ready the restaurant and open as soon as possible. The venue has been unoccupied since the PJ Berry’s restaurant closed a few years ago. The Downtown Sutton has been craving a return of a place to have tasty food at decent prices, where folks can meet, eat, and socialize.
Well, I left out a particularly important tidbit of information. Axe throwing??? Yes, indeed. Customers will be able to rent one of the existing four lanes and throw axes at a target on a wall to their hearts’ content. The point of axe throwing is like that of dart throwing. One must get their axe to stick in all the right places on a target. The targets will be projected on the wall so that one may select which target to use. This can be played in teams, or individually.
The Bad Axe Bistro is now open Monday through Saturday 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. for lunch, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday till 10 p. m. for dinner. Sunday the BAB will be closed; however, it is available for parties and other private events.
The Bistro is located at 226 Main Street, Sutton, West Virginia.
Visit the Bad Axe Bistro Facebook page for the menu and information at
or call 304-402-2111 for information and reservations.
Their email address is [email protected]