The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Town of Burnsville Council Meets in Regular Session

The Town of Burnsville held a regular council meeting on July 14. The meeting called to order at 6:06 pm by Mayor, Paul Bragg.
Members in attendance included Becky Jackson, Steve Wine, Tom Crutchfield, John Verton, Paul Bragg, Angela Morgan & Kisha Verton.
Town employees Matt Kesling and Pam Wine were also in attendance.
B.P.U.B. Members in Attendance: None.
Councilman Steve Wine made a motion to approve the minutes and financials with correction.
Matt Kesling asked council about a boot voucher.
Mayor Bragg reviewed the following communication with council members: Burnsville Public Library, re: Re-appointment request; People’s Gas, re: Pipeline Safety; Braxton Co. Assessor, re: Dog Taxes; WV State Treasurer, re: Statement of Account; BHM CPA Group, re: Completed Audit; Braxton County Sheriff, re: Property Tax Distribution; WV State Auditor, re: IRP/Public Utilities; Approved Building Permit #01-2223 for Marc Carson; WV State Treasurer, re: Video Lottery.
Under the topic of Unfinished Business, Pam Wine reported that a previous complaint about an overgrown yard should be taken care of the weekend. She also gave a status update on the city park cameras, vehicle graphics and advertising for a new Police Chief and discussed a couple suggestions for a Municipal Judge or advertising to fill the position. Councilman Wine made a motion to approve the purchase of four fire hydrants at a cost of $3425.00 which was unanimously approved by council.
It was reported that the leak from the AC unit at the Community Center has been resolved.
Pam Wine advised council that Joanne Smith had spoken with her and asked that she follow-up on a call that Joanne had with FEMA regarding the slip behind her home. Pam did call and spoke with Brian Penix who advised her that the town could apply for a Hazard Mitigation Grant that could help Joanne and her neighbors with this problem. Pam suggested also trying to include the Conrad property on Oak St. if possible. Pam said that she also asked if funds were available to help with the section of the road on Church St. that was slipping and there is another grant program referred to as BRICK. Pam has spoken with Shane Whitehair at Region VII about assistance in applying for these grants with the town’s approval. Steve Wine made a motion to pursue the grant process. Pam excused herself from the meeting at 6:30pm.
Tom Crutchfield made a motion to re-appoint Robin Crist to the Board of Trustees of the Burnsville Public Library, which passed without objection.
John Verton made a motion to give Pam Wine a one-time cost of living supplement in the amount of $500.00 at which time Steve Wine excused himself from the meeting. The motion was seconded by Becky Jackson, motion carried.
Councilman Verton made a motion to increase Rick & John’s wages to $15.00 hour, seconded by Kisha Verton, motion carried.
Steve Wine introduced a motion to approve Budget Revision #1 for FY 2023 Coal Severance Fund. Steve made a second motion to approved Budget Revision #1 for the General Fund. Both actions were approved
Becky Jackson made a motion to approve the payment of bills as submitted,
It was also Jackson who made a motion to adjourn at 8:24 pm.