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New scoreboard will welcome Eagles’ football fans this fall

By Shirley Shuman

Go-Mart and Little Caesar’s Pizza have contributed funds for a new scoreboard for the BCHS Eagles’ football field. The new structure, larger and brighter than the original, will not only allow fans a better view but also give local fans something of which to be proud.

Braxton head coach Deandre Williams may have expressed results of the addition best. “The student athletes are more motivated knowing their community is behind them and supports them. The evidence of a new scoreboard promotes pride among the players,” the coach emphasized.

Explaining that the LED board “will make everything a lot sharper,” Go Mart Marketing Director Ian Stewart provided the company’s motivation. “Go Mart has always tried to support the athletes in any way possible. We felt like this was a way we could enhance the field and its facilities,” he said.

Braxton assistant principal Lori Stover-Williams provided some background on the condition of the former scoreboard. “The [old] scoreboard has been repaired over the years by [electrical classes]. During the past year, it had reached the point where it would stop working during games.,” she said. Stover-Williams continued to explain that these problems often made it difficult for fans, referees, players and coaches to have needed information.

“Go Mart and Little Caesar’s came forward with a generous donation to pay for a new scoreboard. Our students and athletes are extremely excited to have the community invest in them and their athletic programs and cannot wait to share it with their fans during the upcoming season,” she added.  

Speaking as one who, along with principal Tony Minney, fulfilled the duties of athletic director most of the school term, Stover-Williams continued. “Personally, I love to see the local businesses take part and partner with our students to make Braxton better. Thank you to everyone who helps our students and a special thank you to Go Mart and Little Caesar’s for believing in Braxton and its kids,” she said.