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2nd Annual WV Bigfoot Festival is this weekend

On June 24th and 25th, The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum is hosting the second annual West Virginia Bigfoot Festival in Downtown Sutton. The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum opened for the first-time last June and kicked off the first West Virginia Bigfoot Festival, an annual event planned for the last Saturday in June every year.

This year, the West Virginia Bigfoot Festival is hosting a banquet on June 24th at 6:00pm, featuring Dr. Jeff Meldrum at the Flatwoods Days Inn and Suites. This event will include dinner and a presentation by Dr. Meldrum, who is a professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University. Dr. Meldrum has written books and taught courses regarding the subject of “Bigfoot” and actual scientific theories regarding the legend.

On June 25th, the West Virginia Bigfoot Festival will host a large vendor show consisting of nearly 100 vendors, live music, several food trucks, and a Bigfoot Researcher Symposium. In addition, there will be many different activities and competitions throughout the day and multiple raffles including a 50/50 drawing. The Researcher Symposium will feature six different speakers who will discuss the subject of Bigfoot and host a Q & A.

David Petolicchio, co-owner of The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and The West Virginia Bigfoot Festival, wanted to highlight the progress surrounding the museum, “We just finished the new museum space and store front, which more than doubles the size of our museum and allows us to add more displays and casts. It is incredible how fast this museum has grown and how great of a response we have had from the festival. We are very thankful for everything we have been able to accomplish and we pray that the event will continue to grow and enhance our downtown business district.”

Petolicchio also mentioned that they are already planning next year’s festival and preparing for an even larger crowd.