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A good evening…

I don’t know if its old age or just too many irons in the fire, but the Elimination Dinner just about kicked my butt. I must say that it was harder to get this one underway than most I remember. Probably because the last two events have been totally different due to the pandemic.

There were also new elements. With the help of Braxton Live we had two large television screens in the gym to electronically track the elimination. While it saved having to physically find the number on the board, the new concept was not without headaches. We also didn’t get to utilize many of the positive elements that Braxton Live brings to the table. The interviews with the scholarship recipients was great. So was the aspect of educating the public to the workings of Rotary International. We failed to get either of these elements included for our on-site or home audiences this year.

However, the good news is… we made it with minimal difficulties. The money we raised will go a long way toward helping future local graduates further their education as well as support other community projects and programs.

I will say it was a huge relief to get it over with. I’m not sure if it was the preparation for the dinner or the other five or six projects, I am attempting to juggle… but I was too tired to actually rest when I got home. Well, old age could very well have something to do with it too. 

My other big project is coming to fruition next Saturday. We will be putting a 3rd pontoon under my old houseboat. Two weeks ago, we spent the day picking the two pieces up at the manufacturing plant in Ohio. A lot of time has been spend engineering the mounting brackets which are not included in the purchase. I have also discovered other things that I was not aware of. For instance, I knew I would have to modify my boat trailer to allow for an extra inch or two of clearance for the middle pontoon. Just as I was preparing to make the needed changes, I took a second measurement and realized the tube was actually three inches higher than I was previously told. So… its back to the drawing board. I added the necessary space, now I’m concerned about getting the trailer far enough back in the water to get the boat on and off of it. At this point I can only hope for the best.

The final obstacle was finding medal for the supports. I believe I have it in hand now. I can only hope that we haven’t forgotten something. I’ll know for sure when my lake family shows up Saturday to tackle the project.