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Sutton man threatens to shoot Webster EMS

A Braxton County man has been arrested on charges that he obstructed and threatened EMS workers responding to a vehicle accident.

According to a criminal complaint, Officers and Emergency Responders were responding to an accident on Board Fork Road in Camden on Gauley, Webster County, on May 28th when a vehicle began to follow the ambulance closely.

The report states that once EMS arrived on scene, they saw a woman holding a young child.

As EMS workers were trying to administer treatment those at the scene, when Anthony Cogar, II, 26, of Sutton, allegedly told EMS not to touch them and for the woman and child to getin his vehicle.

Officers said Cogar told EMS workers he would “shoot anyone who touched them,” referring to both EMS workers. The woman and the child got into the vehicle and left the scene without receiving treatment or providing any insurance, registration or operators information.

The EMS workers told officers they were in fear of their lives because Cogar was “very irate and acting erratic,” including speeding from the scene erratically.

Officers saw the wrecked vehicle over the embankment and discovered that the registration belonging to another vehicle and the damaged one had no inspection sticker. Officers also said the young child was sitting in the back of the vehicle without being restrained.

Cogar has been charged with two counts of obstructing an EMT worker. He is being held at Central Regional Jail on a $10,000 bond awaiting further court proceedings. The investigation is continuing.