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Maria’s Mexican Restaurant now open at “Y” in Sutton

On June 2, Maria Magana opened her Mexican restaurant, located at the Y in Sutton. To celebrate the grand opening, Magana “gave everyone half off on everything,” she declared. She was pleased with the crowd during the grand opening and added, “Business is going well. We’ve been very busy.”  An experienced restaurateur, Magana is pleased with the move to Braxton County and with her new business.

Her experience, she explained, came from “over 25 years in the restaurant business.”  She pointed out that “all [her] family has restaurants.” Magana came here from Nitro, West Virginia, where she managed a Mexican restaurant for a relative. Asked why she came to this area, she was quick to point out the reasons. “I came by here and fell in love with Sutton. I like the town, especially the people,” she said. “The people everywhere are friendly. You can have conversations with them; you feel like you know them. I was at the Go-Mart and the courthouse, and everyone wanted to talk.” She really enjoyed talking to local people.

She continued to say, “I love the mountains. Things are so green, and I liked seeing the lake. Everything is beautiful. As for the site of her restaurant, she explained that when she first saw it, she became “very interested.” Then she went inside and “thought the same.”

Her restaurant, she noted, has a full menu: lunch, dinner, appetizers and desserts. Here she mentioned that, so far, “Almost everyone gets fajitas. They come out sizzling hot served in skillets.”  The business will be open seven days a week. Monday through Friday, the hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, it will be open 12 noon until 10 p.m., and Sunday 12 until 9.m. The restaurant will be closed on holidays. “It’s the only time for our families to get together,” she said.

Owner Magana wants everyone to know that the food at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant will be “authentically Mexican.” She explained. “We try to use a little bit more of the spices and seasonings to make it more authentic. Some ‘Mexican’ restaurants Americanize their food. We don’t.”