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WV Bigfoot Museum Expands

On June 25, The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum is scheduled to debut their brand-new museum expansion. The expansion will have its grand opening the morning of this year’s West Virginia Bigfoot Festival in Downtown Sutton.
This new space will triple the size of the current museum and will also provide a separate store front next to the Mountain Laurel Country Store. The museum currently has nearly 30 Bigfoot casts in its possession but previously only had space to display a dozen casts at a time. This new expansion will not only allow The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum to display the entirety of its casts, but it will also provide additional space for new displays, including some made by Dr. Jeff Meldrum, a professor and anthropologist from Idaho State University.
Over the course of the last year, The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum has grown its notoriety and has continued to draw tourists from across the country. The museum is working toward promoting the Downtown Business District and encouraging other small businesses to move into town. David Petolicchio, co-founder of The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum, is optimistic about the future of the museum as well as the rest of Downtown Sutton, “The museum has become very famous throughout the Bigfoot and cryptid community and continues to progress. We regular meet visitors and guests who are noticing our community more and considering it for their own business ideas. The museum really has helped put Sutton on the map for a lot of people.” Petolicchio expressed his appreciation for local and community support and looks forward to utilizing the notoriety of the museum to promote the entire Downtown. “If Bigfoot can help us rebuild our community and bring our small town back to life, then we are all for it!”
The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum officially opened at the first West Virginia Bigfoot Festival in June of 2021, a now annual event. The festival is organized by The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum and the Mountain Laurel Country Store and has developed a significant following.
The West Virginia Bigfoot Museum is hosting their West Virginia Bigfoot Festival Banquet on June 24th at the Days Inn in Flatwoods and their West Virginia Bigfoot festival and vendor show in Downtown Sutton on June 25th.