The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Sutton Town Council Meets

On May 26, the Sutton Town Council held their regular meeting. Mayor JD Hoover opened the meeting with a moment of silence for the young lives lost in Texas.
Mayor Hoover discussed a conversation he had with Lisa Conant at City National Bank about using the town lot for food trucks throughout the summer and possibly doing a flea market on some Fridays. Council members requested to receive more information before moving forward with a decision.
Recorder Laurel Petolicchio recognized Municipal Clerk Robin Smith for working with IRS and getting a little over $12,000 in intentional disregard penalties from where the previous administration failed to file taxes. The town may still be liable for the late filing penalties, but she is also working on those. Municipal Clerk Smith noted she had to go as far back as 2011 in order to properly get the taxes filed.
Kelly Smallwood spoke to council about issues he has had with the state road not fixing roads and cleaning the ditches in the Centralia area. Even though council understood his concerns, they informed him since it was outside of town limits there was nothing they could do directly. They encouraged him to go to the Braxton County Commission to address his concerns. Smallwood also asked if the volunteer fire department received any financial compensation for their work. Council informed him that no they did not as they were completely a volunteer organization.
Steve Facemire informed council that the situation on North Fifth Street has been completely resolved. He thanked Ralph Lloyd for his assistance and guidance during the project. The issue on North Sixth Street will have to be addressed by the state road as it is a county road.
Steve Facemire also discussed the issue of high grass on Twistville Road and other locations in town as well the apparent abandoned vehicles on North Main Street.
Mayor Hoover discussed the three bids received for the paving projects from Meadows Paving, North Central Paving, and Southern WV Paving. After a discussion, the council approved the bid by North Central Paving with the removal of the alley paving until better clarification could be received of the property lines and contingent upon one year warranty on a motion Steve Facemire with a second by Jon Crum.
Mayor Hoover reviewed the email received from Region VII concerning the storm water project. According to the email, Sutton should be receiving the funding to complete the project with matching funds from the town of $150,000. However, those funds will also be coming from a separate state funding source for economic enhancement.
Council discussed the Municipal League’ Annual Conference Judge’s training. Action on that was tabled on a motion by Jon Crum with a second by Steve Facemire in order to receive more information.
Catherine Hoover complained again about the issue with the recycling at Evan’s Auto being an “eyesore.”
Council discussed plans for the parking meters again. Steve Facemire informed the council that he had found out that chalking tires was a violation of the Fourth Amendment and was prohibited by a decision in federal court. The council received a suggestion to condense the working parking meters to the central downtown area. Steve Facemire requested Municipal Clerk to look into the costs for replacement domes for the meters that are unreadable. The Municipal Clerk noted that town worker Brittany Fowler had been repairing some of the meters.
Jon Crum briefly discussed the bids received for electrical work at the farmer’s market. Bids had been received for the four projects, but only came from one company. He stated he wanted to get a second quote before moving forward with presenting the information to the council.
Beth Atkins updated the council on the status of the payment for the Civil War Trail signs in the town. The County Commission will now be responsible for payment of the sign on the courthouse lawn and the town will be paying for the one coming into town.
The WV Bigfoot Festival scheduled for June 25 was discussed by council members. Beth Atkins asked about getting the streets swept and the weeds along the sidewalks cleaned up. Steve Facemire stated those items were scheduled to be completed in the coming week. Recorder Laurel Petolicchio asked the council to have all available trash cans out in town that day. Volunteers would work on keeping the trash gathered up throughout the day. The parking for the event was also discussed and asking the American Legion to do the flag raising for the event.
On a motion by Steve Facemire with a second by Jon Crum, the council approved the minutes as corrected. Steve Facemire moved and Beth Atkins seconded to approve the bills as presented.
Council approved the permit request to keep four chickens on Pinehurst Avenue on a motion by Jon Crum with a second by Recorder Petolicchio. Council discussed redoing the request form for such permits.
Steve Facemire made a motion to discuss personnel issues in executive session with a second by Beth Atkins. The council went into executive session at 7:23 pm. They reconvened at 8:07 pm and immediately adjourned the meeting.