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Sutton Council meeting covers wide range of topics

The Sutton Town Council met for a regular meeting on May 12. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor JD Hoover. Also present were Recorder Laurel Petolicchio, Council members, Jon Crum, Catherine Hoover, and Steve Facemire. Council members Beth Atkins and Robyn Dolan were absent.

Mayor Hoover relayed an anonymous concern regarding a property on Twistville Road that has grass that is in excess of two feet tall and issues with snakes. The town will send a letter requesting this issue be taken care of.

Council reviewed a letter the Tevis’s sent to their tenants concerning cleaning up after pets. The council expressed appreciation for their effort in handling the issue.  

The council discussed the burned out building and the fact that more debris has dropped. Mayor Hoover will contact the lawyer working on the deed of transfer. Jon Crum is going to get the key from the Gioulis’ and move the debris into the building so it won’t be a hazard.

Steve Facemire informed the council that material had been ordered to finish the repairs on North Fifth Street. Repairs should happen next week. The drain on N. Fifth was fixed and handled the latest storm.

Equipment has been rented and the burn pile berm has been put in place so the town is now compliant with the burn requirements.

Council briefly discussed asking the state about the water issues involving yards on North Sixth Street where water is coming off the road and causing flooding problems for homeowners.

The paving bid was reviewed by council and it was decided at least two more bids were needed to make an informed decision. Council will ask Municipal Clerk Robin Smith to follow up with that and see about obtaining additional bids. Steve Facemire made a motion that the council table action on the bid review until the next meeting. Catherine Hoover seconded the motion which passed.

Jon Crum outlined the proposal for light replacement in Town Hall. Recorder Petolicchio made the motion that the council accepts the bid previously received conditional on Jon Crum contacting the contractor and making the necessary changes to the contract to include the wording that the ballasts be removed. Steve Facemire seconded the motion. The motion passed with Catherine Hoover abstaining.

Jon Crum updated the council on the Farmers Market meeting and the needs of the Farmers Market. He commended Nik Salvo for the repairs to the stage and his efforts to clean out the lot. He then reviewed the needs of another receptacle at the stage and the sagging power line as well as the panel box needing a new latch. In the future, Salvo would like for the shed to have lighting and electrical. He suggested that more trashcans be placed there as well. Jon Crum made a motion to solicit quotes for adding the receptacle and new breaker for the stage area. Steve Facemire seconded the action.

Steve Facemire made a motion to approve the April 28 meeting minutes.

The council approved the payment of bills on a motion by Catherine Hoover with a second by Jon Crum. Crum did request clarification of the travel expenses listed in the bills by the next meeting.

Steve Facemire made a motion to accept a demolition permit. Councilmember Catherine Hoover seconded the motion. Recorder Petolicchio abstained due to the fact it was her property in question. The motion passed.

Steve Facemire made a motion that a plaque be ordered to recognize the donation of the flag toppers for the two flag poles in the council chamber by Louis Petolicchio. Councilmember Catherine Hoover seconded the motion.

The council discussed briefly Third Street between Riverview Drive and the River and the issues with county property in that area.

The meeting ended with Alexis McCoy from Blue Ridge Risk Partners doing a brief presentation on her insurance firm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.