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Big weekend at the Givens…

It was a monumental weekend at our house. This time it wasn’t the weather nor the workload… thought I admit that our hectic pace is ongoing as of this writing. What made this time special has been in the planning for months. I also must admit that my contribution was quite small.

MyKaela and Shane got married. It was a big event in our lives. The ceremony was memorable for a number of reasons. It was a private ceremony with only immediate family. The actual ceremony was brief and it’s a good thing since it was outdoors, and rain immediately following the i-do’s. 

Even though the couple didn’t want a big wedding they did want their families and friends to join in the celebration i.e., came the big reception that followed.

It was very nice and quite a number of guests showed up to greet the newlyweds. We were all treated to great food. The games and watching the little ones run around made for an enjoyable evening.

To top it all off, Jeanine and I babysat Memphis overnight which was icing on the cake. We had a very enjoyable weekend.

Watching my littlest girl all grown up is bittersweet. She has become quite a young lady and I am sure she and Shane’s future will be bright. I am quite proud of her and I look forward to watching her new family grow.

The election…

I wanted to mention that if you noticed that there is no coverage of last Tuesday’s Primary Election in the Citizens’ News, that is not an oversite. We did cover the election. That coverage appeared in the Democrat-Central last Thursday. Obviously, the Tuesday event was too late for the Citizens’ News’ Monday deadline. We chose to feature the results in the Democrat primarily because it would be timelier. That concept is something we have been focusing on over the past several months. The feature stories in the Democrat are mostly different from anything that you read in the Citizens’ News. 

We realized sometime ago that having two papers on two different days could be advantageous to our readers. We have made an extra effort to keep the story content different. For the readers that means that news can be delivered in a more timely fashion. Of course, readers must subscribe to both papers. We have made some pretty good strides in keeping the content different which means that readers truly are not getting all the Braxton County news unless they receive both papers. To make that more affordable we have an ongoing special that if you subscribe to the Citizens’ News you can get a big discount on your Democrat subscription. We have also added the Democrat-Central to our electronic edition. Now you can get both papers for a full year for just $30. And you don’t have to wait on the postman. The e-edition carries everything its sister print publications do, except the inserts.

If you don’t subscribe to both papers, you have missed some great feature stories as well as some timely news. Give our office a call and let us fix it so that you get all the news first and factually.