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A nice visit…

It’s been a terribly busy week here at the office. I don’t know if the workload is increasing or my ability to deal with it is decreasing. Either way this past week has been a bear.

Our county has suffered more than it’s share of tragedy lately. Last week there was the heroic death of John Forbush on the front page. This week’s edition bring sad news of an elderly resident losing her life in a house fire and a Kanawha County man’s body being found near Flatwoods. Thank goodness there is some more cheerful news in our publications this week as well.

Fortunately, I experienced a very pleasant interlude to an otherwise back breaking week. On Tuesday morning I received a text from Supreme Court Justice and long-time friend Tim Armstead. He asked if I was going to be at the Middle School to cover the Supreme Court’s visit to the county. I told him, that reluctantly, I was not personally going to make it, but Janet would be there to take pictures. I explained that I was in the doctor’s office for a routine visit and needed to attend to matters at the office. I suggested that we try to find another time to catch up.

As luck would have it my day went rather well, so when Tim showed up unexpectedly at my office in the afternoon it was easy to take time for a visit. I really enjoy talking to him and we covered a wide array of topics. Of course, we first caught up on family and friends, before we strayed to other subjects.

I ask him for his thoughts on today’s makeup of the court. He said he felt the current justices all brought valuable assets and experiences to the table and that was the way it should be. His view was optimistic.

Naturally we ventured to the national and state political scene, a little. Surprisingly, we often find common ground, but you can expect that when you respect one another’s opinions.

I am proud of Tim’s contribution to the Supreme Court. He has worked hard to restore integrity to the office, and I believe his efforts have been successful. The major attribute that I think Tim brings to the court in addition to his legal wisdom and knowledge it his exemplary integrity. Tim Armstead, the man and the Judge, travels very high moral ground. He will not betray the people who elected and trust him… that I am 150% convinced of. We need people like Tim in important positions. I am proud of him and proud to call him my friend. Now if we could just get a few hundred more with his morals and integrity, regardless of their party affiliation, in Charleston and Washington… this world would be a much different place!