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Salutatorian saw benefits in distance learning

By Shirley Shuman

Unlike many other students, Carly Given, the salutatorian of the BCHS graduating class, found benefits in the distance learning associated with the pandemic. Given, the daughter of Jamie and Ashley Given of Sutton, explained how working from home helped her. “Personally, it helped me to build confidence and helped me improve my time management skills, “she said. “Distance learning helped me to prepare for some of the harder classes offered online at school. Because of distance learning, I was prepared for those” she added.

After her explanation, it is no surprise that her online psychology class was her favorite high school class. “It was an elective class, something I could choose, the subject matter was totally different from any other class, and I was prepared for remote learning,” Given said. She also mentioned that the class mentor, Jerry Frame, was helpful, and she liked the online group discussions.

Frame was one of two teachers this young woman chose as her favorites although she was hesitant to limit that choice to two. “I believe we have so many good teachers,” she noted. “Mr. Frame has been there for me, and he kept up with us during the pandemic.  He messaged the whole class often.”

Linda Brooks was Given’s other choice for favorite teacher. “Mrs. Brooks is one of the most thorough teachers I’ve had,” she said. “She helps us understand in ways that everyone can learn.”  It was something in Brooks’ classes which Given said had the most impact on her of anything during her high school career.

Explaining the situation, she said, “This current year, during health care, we did clinicals. Mine was with a chiropractor, and it was an amazing experience. The staff is made up of people who helped me as they cared for their patients.” She added, “This helped prepare me for working in health care by giving me a little preview into it.”

All of this worked well for Given because she plans a career in health care in general. Currently she is undecided the exact direction she will take, but it will be some type of human service such as nursing and other medical fields or psychology. She has chosen to attend Fairmont State University because she has “heard only good about the school, and it offers so many different options.”

Meanwhile, in the short time she has remaining at Braxton County High School, she will continue to participate in HOSA and student council. Outside the academic venue, Given is also a busy young woman. She enjoys spending time with her family, with her boyfriend and other friends. She also enjoys running and other physical exercise and especially enjoys boating. Then, too, she has been helping a cousin with photography of special events such as weddings and has even done some modeling for the cousin. Whether it’s the remainder of her senior year, the upcoming  summer break, or her first year at Fairmont State, Carly Given’s life will be busy. That’s the way she likes it.