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Board reviews reductions in staff at Special Meeting

The Braxton County Board of Education conducted a special meeting on April 25 for a discussion on personnel.

The meeting was called to order at 1:02 pm by Board President DeAnna Whipkey. On a motion by Evelyn Post with a second by Dolores Wright, the board went into executive session at 1:03 pm to discuss personnel needs and resource allocation.

The board reconvened at 2:31 pm with no action taken.

On a motion by Dr. Martha Dean and a second by Dr. Kenna Seal, the board approved the following professional recommendations for Reduction In Force/Transfer: professional personnel to be considered for termination by Reduction In Force, none; professional personnel to be considered for transfer by Reduction In Force, Janice Hughes; and professional personnel to be considered for mutual reassignment: elementary teacher’s agreement to reassignment WV Code 518A-4-7a, Melissa Duckworth. No service personnel recommendations for Reduction In Force/Transfer for termination or transfer were presented to the by Superintendent Kathy Hypes.

The following professional and service recommendations for Probationary Personnel Renewals were approved by the board on a motion by Evelyn Post with a second by Dolores Wright: for personnel employed less than 133 days during the 2021-2022 school term to receive a Second-First Probationary Contract, Kerri Lemon, Jeremy Cantrell, Chelsea Hosey, Mark Rose, and Amy Taylor; Second Probationary Contract for Patrick Facemire, Lee Given, Brandon Hines, Lydia Sheets, Marie Armentrout, Michelle Campbell, Garalea Fulks, Thomas Jackson, Lisa Legg, Tamara Miller, Rebecca Oates, Shaina Shaver, and Mark Smyth; Third Probationary Contract for Ethan Backus, Randall Brown, Christopher Cunningham, Russell Gray, Robert Lloyd, Christie Skidmore, Kathryn Dean Singleton, Brittany White, Dustin Frame, Staci Lynch, Kelly Maynor, and Jeff Shamblin; and Continuing Contract for Natalie Hissam, Clarissa Mason, Ryan Singleton, Kelsie Tonkin, Kyre-Anna Minney, Allison Vaughan, and Grace Wine, Simon Arnold, Kevin Brown, George Dennison, Lori Ferrell, Michelle Jackson, Travis Jagielski, Richard King, Kelly Pritt, Donna Sears, Caleb Shaver, and Lori Showalter.

Board President DeAnna Whipkey ended the meeting providing a brief update on the superintendent search. The posting for the position is open until April 28 at 4:00 pm. Once the applications are received, the board will get guidance from the state board office for screening them and moving forward. She requested the discussion be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

The board adjourned the special meeting at 2:38 pm. The next regular meeting will be May 3 at 6:00 pm.