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Braxton team of elementary school boys wins tournament

A team of seven Braxton County fourth and fifth-grade boys won a four-team basketball tournament played at Gilmer on April 9.  The team included players from the Braxton County youth basketball teams and were chosen by James Huffman and Johnny Crockett. The tournament was sponsored by Little Pioneers, a Gilmer County youth group.

Huffman gave a rundown of the games the Braxton boys played and results of those games although he did not have scores for most of the games. Braxton first played the team from Lewis and lost. They defeated Calhoun by a wide margin, Huffman noted, in their second game and were able to go on to the next game.

In their third game, the Braxton boys faced Lewis for the second time. This time they won, and the win gave them the right to play in the championship game. Braxton’s team defeated Gilmer 19-16 to win the championship. Coach Huffman mentioned that the game’s low score came primarily because of strong defense.

Those on the Braxton championship team were Isaiah Crockett, Rayden Davis, Cohen McPherson, Jayden Tingler, Lane Lewis, Holden Lloyd, and Kenton Meadows.