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#5 – Lainey Hunt enjoys hunting with her father

By Shirley Shuman

Through her high school career, Lainey Hunt played basketball, and she enjoyed it. Another activity— quite different from playing basketball, which she enjoys is hunting with her father. Hunt, who killed a bear a few years ago, has also been successful hunting deer. Asked what she likes about hunting, the soon-to-be graduate replied, “I enjoy being with my dad, and I like being outdoors.”

The daughter of Jason and Rhonda Hunt, she also enjoys shooting basketball and spending time with her family during her free time.  In school, in addition to her classes which include several college courses, she is active as a member of the local chapter of the National Honor Society.

Hunt enjoys most of her classes, but her favorite is algebra with Mackenzie Helmick. Saying she is “good at math,” she explained that “Mrs. Helmick makes it even more interesting.”  She chose history instructor Jerry Frame as her favorite teacher. “He builds connections with us,” she said, “and he’s good at explaining. He makes sure we understand.”

Reflecting on her high school career, Hunt named the pandemic as the one event which has had the most impact on her education. “I think the pandemic has impacted me the most throughout my high school years,” she said. “It wasn’t a ‘normal’ high school experience like most people get to have. I didn’t get to experience things most high school kids get to, like prom and sports, or even get to see the faces of my friends every day.” 

Lainey Hunt will enter Glenville State University this fall to study elementary education. She chose GSU for her college education because “it’s only 15 or 20 minutes from [her] house, and it’s one of the best teaching colleges in the state.” She continued to explain why she chose teaching as her career. “ I love kids and want to make a difference in their lives.,” she said.