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#6 – Beau Liston is three-sport athlete

By Shirley Shuman

Playing three high school sports—golf, basketball, and baseball, leaves little free time for Beau Liston. However, what free time the son of Brooks and Cynthia Liston has, he spends “hanging out with friends and family.”  Liston does enjoy the academic side of school, and he explained some of what he especially enjoys.

Perhaps because he “enjoys learning about the background of our country,” he likes U.S. History and the contents of that particular class. As a result he named it his favorite class in four years of high school. He also chose the teacher of that class, Jerry Frame, as his favorite teacher. “I’ve known him a long time, and he’s taught me a lot in school and about life,” Liston said of Frame, who was also his golf coach. 

One question which Liston immediately responded to dealt with what event associated with his high school days has impacted him the most. He answered, “Going to the state high school basketball tournament,” and gave reasons for his response.  “It was a good experience,” he said, “a good chance to bond with my teammates and coaches.”  He added, “It’s also something that hasn’t happened very often to our school.”

Looking toward is future, Liston knows that he wants to study engineering, although he is still deciding the areas of engineering he’ll enter. “I’m leaning toward mechanical engineering, but I haven’t really made up my mind,” he explained.  He said one reason he’s going into engineering is the fact that he’s “always liked math.”

Liston will attend West Virginia University because he is familiar with the school and because both his sisters are in Morgantown.

Beau Liston will be of the graduates who has enjoyed his high school career and what he considers the best part of that time: making friends and the memories the will take with him.