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Town of Sutton to do away with parking meters

One of the main topics of discussion at the Sutton Town Council’s most recent meeting on March 24 resulted in the elimination of parking meters in the downtown area. Councilwoman Beth Atkins updated the council on the status of parking meters in town. Currently there are 60 parking meters throughout town with the possibility of having up to 90 spots available. Council discussed removing the meters and possibly doing some type of art work on the poles. Atkins stated she had spoken with Bill Hopen and he has six sculptures that would fit on the poles along the street in front of his studio. Council discussed different options to get the poles decorated. Jon Crum made the motion to do away with the parking meters in town and develop an artistic design plan for their replacement. Steve Facemire seconded the motion. The council approved the motion unanimously.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor JD Hoover and the prayer was led by Catherine Hoover.

Mayor Hoover opened the meeting by recognizing Municipal Clerk Robin Smith for her hard work and going above and beyond her job. He also welcomed new council member Jon Crum to the meeting.

Mayor Hover noted the work on getting the police department back into service was ongoing and progressing well.

Beth Atkins reminded council members of an upcoming webpage training on Monday, March 28 at 4:30 pm.

Council members discussed the bank account balances and getting the books reconciled for all accounts. Clerk Smith informed the council she was able to obtain the missing bank statements from the bank to work on the reconciliation. Some of the missing statements were from back in 2015. Once the program is upgraded, she is hoping to get the reconciliation complete.

Mayor Hoover discussed working with the Department of Highways to addressing the paving issues in the town on state owned roads. The town will soon be requesting bids for the town owned roads paving.

Police Chief Shane Boggs updated council on the work of the police department. He stated they had been very active with targeted enforcement in conjunction with the WVSP and BCSD. With assistance of the BCSD, Officer Jason Boggs was able to make an arrest on an individual who was a fugitive from Kanawha County with an active warrant. Police Chief Boggs stated they had been targeting more on Old Woman’s Run Road due to consistent complaints of speeding in that area. He also noted all officers have completed their firearm qualification through the state police.

He discussed municipal court. Most individuals are coming into the office before actually appearing in court to pay fines for citations.

Steve Facemire commended Police Chief Boggs for his response to the stranded Doddridge County students. Their bus had broken down on the highway and he bought them ice cream while they waited for a replacement bus to take them on their trip to Disney. The positive response to the police department in general on social media was also recognized. Police Chief Boggs thanked the council and mayor for their support on getting the department started again and allowing him to serve the community.

Catherine Hoover thanked the town employees for their work on cleaning up the dump site and getting it reclaimed and cleared.

Council discussed the quotes received on replacing the lighting in the municipal building. Jon Crum questioned the details of the quotes. Council decided to table action until better details could be received from the contractor.

Beth Atkins discussed the need for having an exterminator coming into the building to check for insects and mice. She made a motion and Steve Facemire seconded it to advertise for estimates from an exterminator to address issues. The council approved the motion.

Becky Conrad spoke to the council on behalf of the Sutton Community Development Corporation. The SCDC will continue to be responsible for the Farmers Market. The market manager will work with town council and the SCDC. She stated they would like to form a committee for the market and asked that a council member sit on that committee. Conrad presented the council with a Memorandum of Understanding for the Farmers Market. It included the SCDC would be responsible to pay the insurance and the market manager. They will assemble the committee and continue with fundraising for the market. The town will be responsible to allow the market to continue at no cost to the SCDS, pay for the porta potty, and keep the property maintained. Council wants to take time to review the MOU and will take action on it at the next meeting.

Conrad informed council the SCDC recommends the flower pots be turned over to Judy’s Garden Club and Master Gardeners.

Conrad also discussed the stage at market area. She asked for permission to allow the market manager to work on the stage and get the railings back into place. On a motion by Steve Facemire and second by Beth Atkins, the council agreed to the flower arrangement and work on the stage.

Council discussed the updates to the fee schedule for citations. The updates reflect changes in the state code by legislation. Recorder Laurel Petolicchio made the motion and Steve Facemire seconded to approve the new fee schedule. The motion passed with Jon Crum voting against the changes.

The council briefly discussed the storm drain contract. Council is still waiting to hear from Jim Marshall with Region VII on the status of the funding request. They also discussed looking into other options to get the project completed.

Shane Brown discussed his non-profit program Set Apart. This program provides life skills training to young men ages 18-24. It is an 18 month program to teach these individuals not only life skills but trade skills such as carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. The program works in the community finding projects through churches and businesses to provide the participants hands on learning experiences. He is requesting the support of the council as he works toward finding a location and starting the program.

Council approved the minutes of the March 10 regular meeting, March 15 work session, and March 18 special meeting minutes with corrections on a motion by Steve Facemire and a second by Robin Dolan. The correction was to show the March 18 special meeting as in recess until the April 19 budget special meeting at 1:00 pm.

On motion by Steve Facemire and a second by Jon Crum, the council approved the payment of bills.

The council also approved the appointing Beth Atkins as library trustee on a motion by Steve Facemire and a second by Recorder Laurel Petolicchio.

Council discussed the burned out buildings that were to be used as a city park. On a motion by Catherine Hoover and second by Jon Crum, to turn the property back over to Agatha Tinney as per the original agreement with Craig Smith.

Council went into executive session at 7:48 discuss personnel issues. They reconvened at 8:19 pm. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 14 at 6:00 pm.