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This and that…

I continue to watch the fallout from the recently concluded Legislative session. Most observers characterize it as some sort of disaster. Except for those in power. I read an article in Mondays’ Charleston Gazette that both sides are quick to criticize and to take credit for what they perceive the good was that came from the session.

I agree that not everything that came out of the session was bad. However, it certainly seems to me like the bad far outweighs the good. In many cases it was the lack of action that was the problem.

On Saturday, Jeanine and Krystal joined a group of friends that were traveling to Pickens for the Maple Syrup Festival on side-by-sides. I opted to stay at home. I promised to smoke ribs for the hungry travelers to enjoy upon their return. I was hard at it mid-afternoon when Allison texted me and said Kathryn was board at a fund-raising event, she and the other kids were participating in. She wanted to come to Poppies’ and watch cartoons. Well, that wasn’t an inconvenience at all, so I picked her up on my way to the store. While I was keeping an eye on the ribs, I ventured into the garage to fix a cabinet drawer that Jeanine had pulled the face off of. I needed some more supplies and additional smoking pellets which necessitated the road trip to the store.

I picked Kathryn up and off we went to Wally World… one of my least favorite places to go. We managed to find almost everything we needed and even ran into a lake friend and caught up on what they had been up to over the winter. Of course, we both decided we were ready for summer as we discussed what it was going to take to get our boats ready for the water.

Even with the visit, my trip was rather short which is exactly how I like it. As we left, Kathryn requested a detour by way of McDonalds which I obliged.

When we arrived home the ribs were ready to be wrapped in foil. After that, I finished up the drawer project and left the glue to dry. Kathryn was good as gold during all this which is usually the case with any of my grandchildren when we have one on one time.

The ribs got great reviews when the weary and somewhat dirty travelers returned. My buddy Doug came down from Bridgeport and we worked on a boat project on Sunday afternoon. We made good progress and have high hopes the boat we worked on will see water this season. That’s better than the other seven that we have jointly owned it. Even though Sunday’s weather was a bit cooler than Saturday, the boat project has me more in the mood for Summer and returning to the lake. I guess now all I have to do is wait on the lake to return to summer levels. That is assuming the snow is really gone?