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Memorial honoring fallen DNR Officer approved for Courthouse square

Lieutenant Tim White of the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division was one of the first to address the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday, March 18. Lt. White said that his professional organization would like to erect a memorial to honor Wesley Frame, a Braxton County native, who was killed in the line of duty in 1978. He stated that his Association would pay for the memorial if the County would allow it to become a permanent part of the Courthouse Square. He further reminded the Commissioners that Officer Frame, a Gassaway High School graduate, was shot and killed while investigating a littering complaint in Monroe County where he was stationed at the time. After hearing the request, Larry Clifton made a motion that the Commission work with Lt. White’s organization to design and place a memorial on the Courthouse Square in memory of fallen DNR Officer Wesley Frame.

Addi Facemire, Director of BC Drug Testing Service was first to address the Commission. She presented the body with a report of her agency’s activities for the month of February. That report revealed that BCDTS had contacted 93 drug screenings during the month and that 2 individuals had successfully completed the terms of home confinement and were released.

John Cobb and Eddie Williams of the Pleasant Hill Waterline Association made a request that the Commission designate $315,000 of the county’s America Recovery Plan (ARP) funding for engineering and design for their waterline extension. Cobb explained to the Commission that the funds would allow the project to move up in priority for funding for the project that is estimated to cost between, $3.9 and $4.6 million.

“This funding will make our waterline extension ‘shovel ready’ which according to Region VII will put us in a good place for more Federal and State Funding,” Cobb said. Commission President Lisa Godwin suggested that the Commission organize a meeting with all the stakeholders to ensure that everyone was on the same page before the Commission further considered the funding request. The delegation agreed that would be a good idea and ask the Commission to proceed with hosting the meeting.

Kenny Summers, EMS Supervisor, spoke to the Commission regarding the purchase of two new ambulances for the county service. He stated that the best price and delivery timeframe came from Global Emergency Services. He detailed that each ambulance with power cot would cost $200,681 and take 160 days to deliver. After hearing the presentation and asking questions, Larry Clifton made a motion to proceed with the $401,363.72 purchase to be paid for with ARP funding.

Sheriff Lou DellaMea and Deputy Bryce Scarboro discussed the purchase to new police cruisers which had been topics at two previous meetings. Scarboro outlined that each of the 3 Ford Explorers would cost $44,409. Larry Clifton made the motion to approve the purchase using ARP funds.

In other action, the Commission approved the short form settlements as submitted by the Fiduciary Supervisor for the following: Donald N. Bragg, Tammy Lee Burroughs, Darlene Kay Butcher, Roy Lee Hawkins, Leslie Harold Jackson, E. Mae James, Garnet Paintiff, Alexander Sandy. Jack A. Stalnaker, Shirley Swisher, and Howard Wesley White, Sr.

A single application for correction of erroneous assessments was approved for Judy Cogar.

Melvin Gum introduced separate motions to approve two purchase orders. They authorized the purchase of an IBM Wheelwriter from Around the Office.Com at a cost of $645 for the County Clerk; The Sheriff will purchase uniforms and equipment to send 2 deputies to the training academy at a cost of $3,075.32.

Following a brief discussion, Larry Clifton made a motion to transfer the ARP Recovery Funds to the county’s general fund to account for lost revenue. The action gives the county more flexibility in how the funds are appropriated.

The Commission approved a list of poll workers for the upcoming May Primary Election as submitted by the County Clerk.

Following a discussion, Larry Clifton made a motion to hire Rachel Davis as a full-time custodian. Davis will be paid $12.00 per hour with full county benefits.

The Commission approved an internal budget revision from the Prosecuting Attorney.

On separate motions by Melvin Gum, County and EMS invoices were authorized for payment and the minutes of the Commission’s March 4 meeting were approved.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:49 a.m. The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will be on April 1 beginning at 9:00 a.m.