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LBE students Pie the Principal 

Students at Little Birch Elementary earned the opportunity to Pie the Principal in the face. Students were awarded tickets for each day they attended school, completed all assignments, and demonstrated positive behavior for a drawing at end of the grading period. When the 3rd nine weeks concluded, two names were drawn from each classroom to hit Principal Grace Wine with a pie.

Student Leadership Team members Maddison Marks, Lydia Gerwig, Allison Marks, and Brenna Hoard completed pie assembly. Near the end of the day, the entire school gathered outside for the festivities. Destani Edgell started the celebration by giving the principal a pie hat. The remaining nine pies were planted directly in Wine’s face by Elaina Edgell, Adium Rose, Violet Williams, Brenna Hoard, Hayden Morrison, Mya Gregory, Bethany George, Marionna George, and Hunter Sartin. Students learned that attendance, diligence, and good behavior end in sweet rewards.