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Jesse Flint, #9, names interesting classes

By Shirely Shuman

Jesse Flint, son of Jamie and Katie Flint, indicated that he enjoys attending school, but he has found two of his classes really interesting. As his favorite class, he chose Civics. He also greatly appreciated Eagle Experience.

Explaining his reasons for choosing J. D. Drake’s Civics class as his favorite, Flint said, “The teacher is good at relating to all of us. The class is also about modern events, what’s going on around us.”  His reasons for liking Eagle Experience, which Chris Locke teaches, is similar. “It’s the only class I’ve had in high school that taught me life lessons,” he said. “What I learned in there has stuck with me.”

Flint’s favorite teacher is Jerry Frame. “Mr. Frame always has a good attitude, and when we need help, he gives it to us,” he said. 

Among his school activities are baseball and serving as vice president of the senior class. He’s a varsity outfielder for the Eagles’ baseball team. Also, he mentioned the pep rallies they’ve had at school as what he thinks he’ll remember the most.  Outside school, Flint enjoys hanging out with friends, hunting and fishing. He added, “I also really enjoy working with Papaw building stuff.” Roger Flint is his grandfather.

Discussing the pandemic and the effect it had on his education, Flint responded, “It had a drastic effect. I’m a very hands-on person. I need to be in the classroom to learn.  Distance learning is very difficult for everyone. You just don’t learn very much.”

Jesse Flint hasn’t decided where he will attend college although he’s pretty sure it will be a West Virginia college.  He does know, however, that he wants to major in health sciences. “I want to do something in the nursing field,” he said.