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Some random thoughts…

I continue to watch our state legislature with amazement. I was pleased to see that they abandoned the ideal of relaxing mine safety restrictions. But honestly, why was such a stupid move ever considered in the first place. So much of what I see going on in Charleston indicates that money has the upper hand and safety is the not even considered.

This final week will be the hard one to follow. This is when entire pieces of legislation, that have been sidetracked by the process, are sneaked into other laws that most often have little or nothing to do with the original intent. I am afraid that we will be reverting to the past when it took weeks to determine exactly what was done in the final days of a session.

You would have had your head in the sand not to be amazed at the escalation of gas prices this week. A regular update I get here in the office said the average for a gallon of gasoline in the US is $4.06, a staggering 45 cents more than a week ago, 62 cents more than a month ago and $1.30 more than a year ago. The national average has not been this high since July 2008. But then again, we all know that big oil doesn’t need much of an excuse.

Yes, I understand the impact of the war between Russia and the Ukraine have on the market. But if we only get 10% of our gas from Russia… and we have the capacity here in the US to make up the difference, why is it such a big deal. Besides, Russia hasn’t cut us off yet??? At any rate, one thing you can rest assured of, the price will not come down nearly as fast as it goes up regardless of the world climate.

Jeanine has been recuperating from cataract surgery. I think she likes the fact that she can’t do anything. Oh well, she deserves a rest. The only problem is the recuperation is interfering with her time with the grandchildren and great grandson. That’s not setting really well. I guess she better get used to it. She is scheduled to have the second eye operated on later this month.

How about the weather? We have had some really nice days recently. It sure puts me in the mood to get ready for the lake. I actually spent Saturday finishing up a couple of long overdue projects. Of course, at this writing the rain has set in, but the smell of spring sure is appealing. In fact, we actually are planning a “work on the boats” day. I hope we can get it in… after all, the long-range forecast is saying snow next weekend.