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Warrants issued for those who missed Circuit Court hearing

The Honorable Richard A. Facemire recently completed numerous court orders in the Braxton County Circuit Court. Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine R.H. Morton represented the state during the court proceedings. Members of the Braxton County Probation Office were also on hand for several of the hearings.

On February 24, Betsy Lynn Cogar failed to appear in court for her arraignment hearing. Her attorney David Karickhoff stated he had not had any contact with the defendant since the indictment. A warrant for her immediate arrest was issued.

Ernest Samuel Weaver, III, and James Denver Criner failed to appear for their hearings on February 11. Arrest warrants were issued for their immediate arrests.

On February 14, Ryan Seth Rollyson appeared in court with his attorney Tyler Cottrill for a sentencing hearing. The defense did not ask for an alternative sentence as he had failed to benefit from it in the past. They did request he be entered into the “Goals” program at the Western Regional Jail and his sentences to run concurrently. The state stayed silent per the plea agreement. The court found the defendant in need of correctional treatment. On the felony offenses of grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny, Rollyson was sentenced to two to fifteen years in consecutive sentences.

Adron Harold Claypool and attorney Bernard Mauser came before Judge Facemire for his arraignment hearing. Jury trial for the felony offense of driving while license revoked for driving under the influence, 3rd or subsequent offense was set for May 11.

On February 11, the following individuals appeared in court with their attorneys for arraignment hearings: Tanya Marie Conrad, Kasandra Dawn Utt, Spurgeon Glenn Friend, Johnny Lee Kerr, and Stephen Eugene Cutlip. Jury trials for those individuals were scheduled for May 11. Chester C. Marsh,

On February 9, Ginny Mae Canter and her attorney Andrew Shaffer came before the court for a status hearing. After reviewing the procedural history, Judge Facemire scheduled her jury trial for June 14.

Jason Wayne Claypoole appeared before the court for a plea hearing on the felony charge of attempt to commit burglary with his attorney Andrew Shaffer. The state agreed to dismiss other charges and stay silent at the sentencing hearing.

Samuel Lee Donaldson, Jr. and his attorney Kevin Hughart came to court to enter a guilty plea to the felony offense of strangulation. The state agreed to dismiss remaining charges and stand silent at sentencing.

Sentencing hearings was set for March 16 for those entering pleas after Judge Facemire accept the plea agreements.

On February 8, Charles Edward Shaffer, Jr. and his attorney Bernard Mauser appeared in court for a sentencing hearing on the felony offense of transferring a stolen vehicle. The defense requested an alternative sentence be imposed by the court with the state staying silent per the plea agreement. Judge Facemire noted his previous violations of terms of the bond and his addiction issues he is not a good candidate for alternative sentencing. Shaffer was sentenced to one to five years in prison.

On February 4, James Douglas Key came before Judge Facemire with his attorney Andrew Chattin for a hearing on probation revocation. He admitted to allegations contained in the petition but requested to be readmitted to probation. The court denied the motion and sentenced the defendant to 10 to 25 years in prison on the felony offense of failure to register as a sexual offender-second or subsequent offense. On January 27, Tiffani Alison Moore and attorney Eric Wildman appeared in court for sentencing after her successful completion of the Anthony Center for Youthful Offenders. A motion for an alternative sentence was made by the defense with the state agreeing. The court granted the motion and suspended the one to five year sentence for the felony offense of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. The defendant is to serve probation for five years.