Town Meeting

Sutton Council hears storm drain project report

The Sutton Town Council conducted their regular meeting on February 24. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by council member Steve Facemire as Mayor JD Hoover was absent.

The first individual to speak to the council was Jim Marshall from Region VII Planning and Development Council. The application for the grant to complete Phase II of the storm drain project coming off of Town Hill has been submitted before the March 3 deadline. Plans for the project have been completed and is “shovel ready” once the funding is released. Approximately 400 feet of 36 inch pipe needs to be installed along with concrete and asphalt repairs and utility work. Estimated costs for the project is $600,000. Marshall encouraged council members and town residents to contact local legislative representatives supporting the application.

Police Chief Shane Boggs discussed with council members work being completed in the police department. He received the two outfitted cruisers out of Chicago and is getting them ready to be used by the department. On February 20, Chief Boggs assisted the Braxton County Sheriff’s Department with serving warrants in the town and an arrest of individual for possession of methamphetamine. He has also spoke with the Sheriff Lou DellaMea about contracting deputies for patrols in the town. He discussed meetings he has conducted with other municipalities about insurance and retirement options for town officers. He reviewed supplies received including new radios from the West Virginia State Police, uniforms from 511 Tactical for wear testing and the laptop from Walmart at little or no costs to the town. Steve Facemire took the opportunity to publicly recognize Walmart for their contribution in upgrading the town’s police department.

Becky Conrad, president of the Sutton Community Development Corporation, provided an update of her organization to the town council. She informed council the SCDC will take a “step back” from all projects except the Sutton Fall Festival. She noted her and the other board members want to work on making the festival successful and therefore will no longer be doing the Farmers Market and the flower pots in town. Conrad stated the board had suggestions they would like to have a discussion with council members to continue with those projects. Council members agreed to meet on March 15 at 6:00 pm to discuss options with the SCDC.

Council member Steve Facemire discussed tire replacement for the culvert cleaner. He also noted the town of Gassaway would like to rent the machine once it is available.

He also discussed the recycling center being closed the past couple of weeks, but is now open and the town will be back on the regular recycling schedule.

Council members discussed the removal of the old trash truck and tires from the dump site. The trailer still needs to be removed.

Steve Facemire discussed the estimate for the replacement of the front doors to the town building. Currently the doors are a security issue and the replacement will include the ramp being upgraded to make the building more handicap accessible. Council members approved the estimate of $2880 to complete the replacement.

Council member Beth Atkins noted an upcoming meeting at the Sutton Volunteer Fire Department Annex (old Fisher Building) on March 3 at 6:00 pm to discuss the Elk River Trail. The meeting is to discuss business opportunities and tourism on the Elk River.

Council approved the minutes of the February 10 meeting, the payment of bills, and two construction permits on separate motions.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel matters at 6:35 pm. They reconvened at 7:30 pm. The council then moved to increase the pay of Robin Smith, Executive Secretary by $2 per hour and to suspend a town employee without pay for failure to perform duties on separate motions.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm. The next regular meeting is set for March 10 at 6:00 pm. Council will conduct a work session on Tuesday, March 1 at 1:00 pm to review ordinances and fees.