Town Meeting

Public meeting set to discuss Elk River Trail

The Elk River Trail committee is a group of individuals and groups who are interested in bringing businesses and tourism to the Elk River watershed area. This includes all of Braxton County. The committee is having a public meeting March 3rd to answer questions, share information and also ask what people want to see happen in the area as it relates to recreational activities and business development. There will be other meetings in Gassaway, Clay and Clendenin.
Everyone in Braxton County is welcome to attend this meeting but especially people from the Burnsville, Flatwoods, Little Birch and Sutton area. Anyone interested in promoting the use of the Elk River or having a business in the areas close to the river or trails is encouraged to come and share your thoughts and opinions.
On the Town of Sutton’s website,, there is a map that shows the area that will be discussed. There are layers on the map that show hiking trails, public water access, restaurants, and other amenities in the area. More information needs to be added to the map.
Plan to attend the meeting to learn more or to give your input as to what is needed along the Elk River. The meeting will be held in the Sutton Fire Department annex (old Fisher building) on Main St. in Sutton on Thursday March 3rd at 6:00 PM. Questions? Call Joey James at 304-322-4590