Mobile Agriculture Lab
visits Frametown Elementary

Frametown Elementary School students had a unique learning experience last week. The Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab, a 40-foot mobile classroom sponsored by the West Virginia Farm Bureau, was on site to educate students on a variety of topics. The self-contained classroom travels across the state bringing an interactive field trip style experience directly to schools and students in grades K-8.
The Mobile Ag Lab is equipped with over 30 STEM-based science experiments and lessons, a certified teacher, and all the supplies needed for hands-on learning. Each science experiment is designed to emphasize a different aspect of agriculture, including West Virginia’s commodities, the environment, biotechnology, food and fiber. While visiting the lab, students worked cooperatively to solve a problem as they formed hypothesis, collected data and drew conclusions while focusing on the scientific method. Each lesson on the Mobile Ag Lab focused on increasing student knowledge regarding the importance of agriculture and its impact on their daily lives.
While at Frametown Elementary School the Mobile Agriculture Science Lab gave students the opportunity to enjoy hands on learning taught by the magnificent Ms. Marilyn. PTA parents volunteered in the lab to help things run smoothly. The PTA also funded the Agriculture Lab’s visit.
Frametown Elementary would like to thank the Ag lab for coming and making school fun and memorable for their students!