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Gift shop, Precious Memories, offers an array of gift ideas

By Shirley Shuman

Tucked in a small office area adjacent to The Annabelle, Precious Memories offers customers a wide array of items for gifting and some for decorating one’s home.

The business, owned by Debbie Hamrick and operated by Hamrick and her mother-in-law, Jeannie Gerber, opened in early December 2021.

Hamrick, who said the two have been crafting for “about 20 years,” explained how the little shop came to be. “We’ve been interested in opening a store for a long time,” she said, “but couldn’t find a site which we could actually afford. Then a friend offered us this office, and we decided to try it.” The owner went on to say that they “have filled every inch of space with our [merchandise].”

The major part of their merchandise is gift boxes and baskets. Hamrick noted that “almost everything” in the store is handmade, and that is even true of the boxes. The name for the shop, Gerber explained, came from the idea that “Every box or basket makes a memory.”

“We personally make almost all of our own crafts,” she said, and went on to describe the procedure she uses for the gift boxes. “I start with a cardboard box and wrap it in jute and material. Then we fill the box with gifts of different kinds,” she said. “We will have a spring basket, for example, which may contain flower seeds, gardening tools, and gloves. We do the same for wedding boxes and birthday boxes as well as some for different holidays.” They just finished selling Valentine’s Day boxes.

Hamrick and her mother-in-law follow the same procedure for the baskets although they don’t make the baskets. They buy them from Encore and then fill them with all kinds of treats. “For example, we make baskets for babies, baskets filled with things for women, bridal shower baskets as well as others,” the owner said. Prices for the boxes and baskets range from five dollars to sixty dollars for the largest of either.

In addition to the boxes and baskets, Precious Memories sells primitive works. Hamrick’s father-in-law, also a crafter, makes birdhouses and decorative boats. These, along with his cutting boards, walking sticks, and wooden crates, are also sold in Precious Memories. Another item in which shoppers have shown an interest is the customized tee shirts available along with all the other merchandise.

Located at 528 Elk Street, Precious Memories is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from11 a.m. until 4 p.m. These hours will be extended with warmer weather, and the shop will also be open from noon until 4 p.m. on Saturdays then.