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Burnsville Public Library bringing back Teen Scene

During the summer of 2017 Burnsville Public Library was part of the PLA’s (Public Library Association) iii (inclusive intern imitative).  One of the teenage interns developed Teen Scene.  A program for middle and high school aged kids.  The program was a big success, but unfortunately lost some steam after the intern position ended.

Fast forward to February 2022.  The library is breathing new life into the Teen Scene.  “We have several students who come to the library after school.” said library director Beth Anderson.  “Since we have interest, we thought this was the right time to bring the Teen Scene back.”

Anderson will be the staff member overseeing the program but will be listening to a group of teens they will be recruiting soon to serve as the TAG (teen advisory group) Team.  This group will help guide programming within the Teen Scene.  “In order to stay connected with this sometimes harder to reach population, you have to give them a voice, and listen to that voice.” Anderson stated.

Some things that the program will cover are: Adulting 101 items (how to write a check, balance a checkbook, cook, do laundry), basic car maintenance (how to change a tire, check fluids, change the oil), financial literacy and other things identified through the TAG Team.  The program was kicked off on Friday, February 11th with an Anti-Valentines Party.  Anyone who knows of any middle of high school aged young adults who might be interested in the Teen Scene, the program is Fridays from 4 – 6 pm at the Burnsville Public Library.