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MFB distributes funds to local food pantrys

During one of his recent press briefings, Governor Jim Justice provided a detailed breakdown of the State’s allocation of remaining discretionary funds appropriated to the state by Congress through the CARES Act.
Distribution of those discretionary funds includes $5,000 being provided to each of West Virginia’s 600 food pantrys, plus $1 million to each of the state’s two food banks – Facing Hunger Food Bank in Huntington and Mountaineer Food Bank in Sutton – to provide resources to better serve those facing food insecurity.
Locally several organizations benefited from these funds. Lifeline Ministry in Little Birch, Little Birch Southern Baptist Church, Sutton Baptist Church Backpack Program, Sutton Baptist Church Food Pantry, Rosedale Community Center, and the United Christian Food Bank of Sutton all received $5,000 checks through the Mountaineer Food Bank.
Not only food can be purchased with the funds, but items such as gas and transportation costs can be covered as well. This money can also be used to purchase any item associated with the organization’s intent to help those facing food insecurity in their local communities.