Braxton Citizens' News

Judge sends Brady to prison, others have day in court

Several Braxton County Circuit Court hearings have recently been completed by the Honorable Judge Richard A. Facemire. The state of West Virginia was represented by Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine R.H. Morton. Mike Haley, Tyler Morlan, and Deandre Williams from the Braxton County Probation Office were present for some of the hearings.

On January 25, Geneva Jean Brady came before Judge Facemire for a sentencing hearing with her attorney Andrew Chattin. The defense requested some type of alternative sentencing and noted she had been accepted by Recovery Point for treatment. The state remained silent per the plea agreement. The court denied the motion stating she had an extensive criminal history, a serious substance abuse problem, and her past was the best indicator of her future actions. On the felony charge of possession of meth with intent to deliver, Brady was sentenced to one to fifteen years.

On January 26, Summer Destiny Jenkins and attorney Eric Wildman appeared in court for a plea hearing. Judge Facemire accepted the plea agreement presented by both parties. The defendant entered a guilty plea to the felony offense of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver as her part of the agreement. The state agreed to dismiss the remaining charges in the indictment to remain silent at the sentencing hearing set for March 14.

Roger Glen Smith and his attorney Kevin Hughart appeared in court for a sentencing hearing on the felony charge of wanton endangerment involving a firearm. An alternative sentence was requested by the defense with state agreeing to the request per the plea agreement. Judge Facemire granted the motion and suspended the five years sentence in lieu of five years of home confinement as a term of probation.

Robert Wayne Mitchell appeared before Judge Facemire with his attorney Andrew Chattin for sentencing. The defense moved for an alternative sentence and the state stayed silent per the plea agreement. The court granted the motion and suspended the sentence of three to ten years in prison for the felony count of fleeing in a vehicle from law enforcement while under the influence. Mitchell was sentenced to probation of five years with home confinement.

On January 24, Cory Curtis Talkington and his attorney Jonathan Fittro came before court for a hearing on probation revocation. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dara A. Acord represented the state during the proceedings. The defendant admitted to the allegations contained in the petition for probation revocation. After the court revoked probation, the defense requested Talkington be placed back on probation. The court noted the defendant was in need of correctional treatment in a correctional setting and therefore denied the motion. Talkington was sentenced to two to fifteen years on the felony offenses grand larceny and third degree domestic battery.