Smith and Moore reach 100 wins in their middle school careers

By Shirley Shuman
Last Wednesday night two BCMS wrestlers each acquired 100 wins during their middle school wrestling. Coach Tyler Molan commented that Paxton Smith and Eliah Moore both accomplished this milestone to become the seventh and eighth wrestlers in the middle school’s history to reach 100 wins in three years. Morlan, complimenting his wrestlers, said, “This is a major accomplishment for any young wrestler but the the fact that both of them were able to do this with our shortened season last year is amazing.”
Smith said that he started wrestling when he was five years old but never imagined that he could reach this goal. “A lot of work and time have been put into my success. Not just my time but coaches, my parents and family, and mentors all across the state,” he said. Smith added, “I look forward to wrestling as a Braxton County Eagle.”
Asked why he likes wrestling, Smith said, “I love the intensity of it. Wrestling is one on one. You’re the only one responsible for what happens good or bad. So you have to learn as much as you can to make sure it’s good.”
Moore has been wrestling since he was four. “I enjoy wrestling,” he said, “because it is one of the things I’ve always done. I like the thrill of winning, of achieving something.”
This young wrestler, discussing reaching the 100-win mark, said, “I’m very excited about it. It just kind of happened. I knew I was close to 100 wins but didn’t really think about it going into that match.”
Moore said he’s glad for the help coaches have given him to improve his wrestling. He added, “I appreciate the support I get from my family and the Lord.”