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What is the legislature up to???

Before I get into this week’s topic… I had occasion to travel to Summersville last week so Dr. Marsh could tune up my hearing aids. That went well. I had a nice visit with him. I can hear again. And the visit was one of the least expensive visits to a doctor I’ve had in quite some time.

While in the neighboring county, I noticed that their price for gasoline is actually a few cents higher than in Braxton County. So, we at least don’t have the highest prices in the state… if that’s any consolation.

I mentioned in a previous writing that I was concerned with the haste of action that was taken in the special session in an effort to attract the steel recycling plant to the northern panhandle. I guess if it works it will be great. However, my experience in monitoring government all these years leads me to believe that there will be some bad to go along with this good. Obviously, with the haste of the action taken earlier this month, I seriously doubt that much consideration was given any ill effects that may be lurking around the corner. Once again, only time will tell.

I have tried to follow many of the pieces of legislation that are being considered this session. It is difficult. On several fronts I have not been able to find the simplified answer as to what the intent is of some of these pieces of proposed legislation.

One example of something I tried to look into this week was a measure that would prohibit financial institution from boycotting any type of coal or national gas company. I read everything I could find and became more confused as I went. The action is pushed by our new and young Treasurer Riley Moore. He obviously knows something I don’t. The measure would pertain to investment of West Virginia taxpayer money, I think. According to what I read, there are billions of dollars at stake. In reading the definitions and arguments, it looks like the measure could be manipulated to where a financial institution would have to extend a loan to any coal, oil, gas concern that requested it or be in violation of this law, assuming it passes.

We have seen what the State of West Virginia can do in the financial world and it’s not a pretty picture. I think government needs to stay out of the banking business or at least come up with clear cut, easily understandable rules, and regulations. Unfortunately, this is only one of a number of proposed bills that really confuses me. On a final note, our press deadline had to be moved up on Monday. Our printer in Elkins contacted me on Saturday to let me know that seven members of their production staff were out with COVID. Fortunately, they are part of a larger chain and could print our paper and the others they handle at one of their sister operations. However, to do that we had to move our deadline up almost half a day. If you are reading this on your normal day… we made it.