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Burnsville Public Library Focus On: Audiobooks and Playaways

In this series, staff of Burnsville Public Library will share with you, different services, collections, materials and more, available at the library. We hope that by sharing some of our lesser known services, collections, etc. you will see that the library is more than just a place you come to for books.
In our last Focus On: piece we, told you about Libby by Overdrive. This week we are going to tell you about our audiobooks and Playaway collection. We have a selection of audiobooks, also known as books on CD, and Playaways (a book loaded on a small device that you plug headphones/earbuds/aux cable in to).
Many people utilize audiobooks in their vehicles, during their commutes, or on trips. Other people utilize audiobooks due to conditions that could make it difficult to read a printed book. Some of these may include arthritis or vision difficulties. Audiobooks are an excellent alternative to reading. If you think audiobooks are just someone reading a book, you are so wrong. Most audiobooks have narrators who are expressive and very entertaining. Our director saw a speaker at a conference a few years ago who said “Audiobooks are like a book and the theater got together and” had a baby. It is so true!
We have audiobooks available for children, juveniles, young adults and adults. We have many genres available, as well as both fiction and non-fiction offerings. We encourage you to stop in and check out our audiobook offerings, you may get hooked.
Playaways are a pre-loaded audiobook that gives the listener the mobility and freedom to listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere. They are about the size of a deck of cards and are powered with a AAA battery. One battery provides over 30 hours of listening. You plug in your favorite headphones or ear buds and you are ready to go. Playaways offer audiobooks without needing a CD player, smart device or internet connection. It really is the most flexible way to enjoy an audiobook. Our library has Playaways available in several genres, as well as both fiction and non-fiction offerings. Stop in and check on out. We even provide batteries and earbuds if you need them.
We hope that we have given you the audiobook bug. Stop by and check out our audiobooks and Playaways. Our next Focus On: will highlight our Income Tax Center.