Mountaineer Foodbank to receive portion of latest CARES Act funding

Governor Jim Justice recently identified where most of the balance of funding allocated by the federal government through the CARES Act will go.
The state had to commit those funds before the end of the year or return them. Mountaineer Food Bank is in line for a large portion of that funding.
“We are truly grateful Governor Justice has seen and heard the needs we have in West Virginia and made the decision to utilize our federal dollars to help reduce hunger throughout the state,” said Delegate Larry Pack, a member of the Food Insecurity Workgroup on the House of Delegates. “We know the need is dire, and these investments will go a long way in helping those people and groups doing immensely important work to feed our state’s hungry.”
Justice announced Thursday he will designate $7.25 million for food insecurity partners across the state, with $3 million of that going to food pantries and $2 million to Facing Hunger Foodbank and Mountaineer Food Bank. Justice said additional dollars will go into upgrades at the West Virginia National Guard Rock Branch regional food distribution center, which will include a large-scale, combination cooler and freezer to allow for proper cold storage at the site. Justice also announced several Rescue Mission organizations each will receive $250,000.
The exact manner in which the funds will be utilized by Mountaineer Food Bank has not yet been announced.