Another Christmas in the books…

Christmas is over and as always comes with somewhat of a let-down. I guess, its due to all the hectic preparations but when the Christmas activities are over, it always seems to me… well gee that was fun while it lasted.

As I mentioned before Allison and her family spent Christmas in Florida. It certainly made things different for us. This is the first time, I can recall, that all my kids haven’t been home for the big day.

In addition, we moved the Christmas Eve celebration from our house which is the normal setting to MyKaela’s new home. Here is where Allison’s absence became a plus. I am not sure we could have fit another eight people plus the large assortment of gifts into MyKaela and Shane’s house.

Of course, some things don’t change. We had an ocean of delicious food and the warmth of the season certainly filled the new venue.

But the best part was… you guessed it… Memphis. Being his first Christmas and him only being 6 months old, I didn’t expect much. Boy, was I surprised. He went after those packages with a vengeance.  He tore through the paper, just stopping long enough to try to tase a piece or two before his mommy could jerk it away. He was quite interested in the gifts as well. Obviously, he had plenty to choose from and was the highlight of the afternoon.

I knew he would be overwhelmed so when MyKaela invited Jeanine and I down for dinner on the 23rd I took advantage of the setting and gave the little fellow the gift that we had gotten him. It worked out great and I must say that it appears that ole Poppie did pretty good!

As is our tradition, Jeanine and I visited the kids Christmas morning. MyKaela’s house looked like one of those pictures we have been seeing on television of the devastation of a hurricane… but in a good way.

We went to Jamie’s next to check on what Santa had left the girls. As usual… that was loads of fun. In addition, Jamie programed the new Fit-bit watch that Jeanine gave me for Christmas. Both Krys and I failed miserably, so it was nice for Jamie to bail us out.

Of course, we didn’t go to Allison’s since only the dogs were home and I was not in the mood for a road trip. The good news is Christmas – Round 2 is set for Wednesday so the chaos is not over.

Even with the changes, and as old as I am, I don’t do well with change, we had a great Christmas. I will keep you posted as to how the extended version goes.

In the meantime, we are preparing for a new year. We can only hope that it will be better than 2020 and 2021. As we embark on this new journey, let me wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!