Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Hello Santa! It’s me Memphis. This is my first time writing to you Santa. Kathryn turned the pen over to me, reluctantly… she doesn’t like to share, but she really likes me.
Just in case you didn’t get the memo… I’m the newest member of the Given clan, the first great-grandchild and this is my very first Christmas.
I hardly know where to start Santa. Everyone in this family just can’t wait to get their hands on me, but sometimes I’m not in the mood. They soon figure that out. The exception is my Mommy. I am always anxious to see her, particularly after a long day’s work. After a hard day of me and Nana playing, I am glad to cuddly with my Mommy. I like my Daddy too. They spend a lot of time with me, and I like to keep them guessing as to what I’m going to do next.
Us Given kids have it pretty good. Though Ella Jean and Kathryn want everything they see, I’m pretty sure they will like what ever you bring. Besides they will have forgotten most of what they ask for anyway. We won’t be able to see them on Christmas as they took a family vacation in Florida. Poppie isn’t too happy that they won’t be here for the big day. The good side is we get to have two Christmases.
My cousin Ava is a big girl now and she wants an electronic game and an art set. Cousin Jamie is also into electronic stuff, so about anything would work for him as well. Cousin Sam is now “working for a living” so maybe you should bring him some mittens and a warm hat. My Maddie is really good to me, so maybe you can extend her and Sierra’s break from college so they can have more time to play with me.
Cousin Reese needs a cushion for her Jeep seat. She’s having trouble seeing over the steering wheel. At least that’s what Uncle Jamie says. Carly is busy with school and her boyfriend, so maybe you could help her with time management so she would have more time to play with us younger ones.
Poppie warned me not to say much about my Grand, aunts and uncles… he says they might get mad, particularly Aunt Ali. I’ve heard her yelling at my cousins… I don’t want to make her mad.
Santa, Kathryn says whatever you brought Nana last Christmas to keep her from being tired and sleeping all afternoon after we leave, isn’t working. So, perhaps you could come up with something else. Poppie says she is usually asleep in her chair within an hour of Mommy and Daddy picking me up.
So, there you go Santa. I know you have lots of boys and girls to please, so I’m sure, my cousins and I will be happy with what ever you bring. Santa, one thing I have figured out in my short time being part of this family is that there is plenty of love to go around. So, this time of year we hope everyone else will be able to share in that love!
Merry Christmas,
Memphis Kayne Wine