Quick action saves life of alleged drug user

On Friday, December 2nd, Cpl. G.H. Jones of the Sutton Detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a call regarding an incident Wilson Ridge Road in Clay County due to no available law enforcement in that area. While on Wilson Road, enroute to the call, Cpl. Jones observed a residence front door opened with a male subject lying on the floor, and a frantic female waving her arms.
When Cpl. Jones stopped to investigate the female subject advised that the male was David Phares. The female stated that Phares had collapsed approximately ten minutes prior to the officer’s arrival. Cpl. Jones observed that Phares’ face was blue and he was unresponsive. Cpl. Jones began administering CPR and other first aid procedures. The officer observed the male had start breathing slowly. The female said she believed Phares’ condition to be a the results of a possible overdose and that she had given him two Narcan’s prior to Cpl. Jones’s arrival.
Cpl. Jones radioed the information to Braxton 9-1-1 and retrieved Narcan from his cruiser. Cpl. Jones confirmed with medical command, through Braxton 9-1-1, it was safe to administer more Narcan. Cpl. Jones administered the drug, with the assistance of a neighbor.
Phares became responsive within a few minutes. Braxton EMS arrived and transported him to Braxton County Memorial Hospital where he recovered.