Vol. 41, No. 4

January 27, 2015

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Citizens loudly voice opposition to tax increases

On January 22 at 7:00pm., Evelyn Post hosted a meeting of the Tax Study Association at the Flatwoods Community Center to discuss the issue of increased property taxes and what action needs to be taken by the citizens to determine if their property has been assessed properly.
Those attending included Gary Ellyson, County Commissioner, John Doyle, Deputy Secretary of Revenue, Leroy Barker, Appraiser Chief, from the Appraisal Services Unit in Charleston and approximately 90-100 concerned citizens from Braxton County. During the two hour meeting citizens ask several questions and voiced many concerns regarding the increases; they wanted to know why the increase is so high, how the county was computing the average; how the money is being used and if any of it is applied to the Braxton public school system.


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Emergency meeting leads to extended hours for Assessor’s office

The Braxton Commission held an emergency meeting on Friday January 23, at 11:00 a.m. The extra ordinary session was called by Gary Ellyson with the concurrence of his fellow Commissioners. As is required by state code, the Commission had to explain the need of an emergency meeting when Gary Ellyson called the meeting to order. Ellyson presided over the meeting since Commission President Ron Facemire was attending by telephone. Ellyson stated that he felt the emergency meeting was necessary after he attended a meeting of the Braxton County Tax Study Association on Thursday evening and had a subsequent discussion with the Assessor on Friday morning. “It was quite apparent at that meeting that a number of citizens have been unable to get the answers they want from the Assessors’ Office. That is in part because the Assessor and two staff members are new to the job, and that the response to the tax increases have overwhelmed the ability of the office staff to handle,” explained Ellyson. He went on the tell of his discussion with Assessor Brenda Mollohan on Friday morning and their decision that additional personnel was needed to accommodate the citizens’ inquiries.


Several have day in Braxton Co. Circuit Court

William Cody Lytle appeared in Braxton County Circuit Court on the 9th of January, before the Honorable Richard A. Facemire, Judge for the purpose of a plea hearing. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the state in the matter and J. Paul Williams acted as counsel for the defendant.
The Court accepted Lytle’s plea of guilty to the felony offense of delivery of methamphetamine. It was further ordered that Lytle appear before the Court again on February 10 for sentencing.
Jason Tanner appeared before Judge Facemire on December 4, for the order of revoking probation. Tanner was represented in person and through counsel, David Karickhoff. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the state. Tanner requested alternative sentencing.























Preschool/Head Start/Kindergarten registration times announced

Registration dates for school enrollment have been scheduled. This will include children who will be three prior to September 1 and will be entering the program for three-year-olds; children who will be four prior to September 1 and will be entering the preschool/Head Start program; and any child entering kindergarten that is not already enrolled in the school.
Parents/guardians are asked to bring a copy of the child’s immunization records, a recent physical examination, a recent dental examination and a certified birth certificate. Those enrolling in PreK (3 and 4 year olds) will also need to bring proof of a lead screening and a proof of income.









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