Vol. 40, No. 28

July 15, 2014

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Photography studio open for business in Sutton

Although it may not be widely known, the building at 191 Main Street houses a photography studio which has been open since March. Amy Ostilin Photography, owned and operated by Braxton County native Amy Hoover Ostilin and one assistant, features a wide scope of photographic work in a fully functioning studio.
Ostilin explained that she has done “a lot of team pictures, Braxton County Little League photos, for example,” and recently did spring pictures for Robin’s Day Care in Sutton. She is also scheduled to do the day care’s fall pictures, she noted. In addition, Ostilin is the official photographer for That Damn Race scheduled for Saturday, July 19.


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Sally Howard selected Rotarian of the Year

One of the last acts of outgoing Braxton County Rotary President, Eddie Williams was to announce the selection of this year’s Rotarian of the Year. Williams concluded his two year tenure as club president on June 30. Lana Dancy assumed the role on July 1.

Rose’s probation revoked; Cummings fails drug test

Lacy Marie Rose recently appeared in Circuit Court before Judge Richard A. Facemire on a petition to evocate her probation. The defendant was represented by her attorney Jonathan Fitro. Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Hamon McLaughlin and BC Probation Office Vickie Britner appeared for the State. During the Court proceedings Rose did admit to the violating her probation resulting in the Judge revoking her probation. Judge Facemire ruled that Rose had not availed herself of several opportunities while on probation and still is not willing to voluntarily address her substance abuse problem. He found that she is in need of correctional facility treatment as she has a serious substance abuse problem, an emotional and mental condition and exhibits antisocial behavior..























Search for wanted fugitive uncovers marijuana

Sheriff’s Deputy Cleve Westfall received information last Friday, July 11 that a fugitive from justice local authorities were looking for might be living at 167 Little Otter Road near Gassaway. Deputy Westfall, Deputy Luke Johnson, Deputy Aaron James and Trooper Jones of the Sutton Detachment of the West Virginia State Police went to the residences just before 6:00 p.m. Friday.












Peeking behind the doors of Braxton County eateries

In an effort to keep our readership informed, the Citizens’ News presents another installment of a continuing series which details the findings of Braxton County Health Department Sanitarian Chris Garret’s inspections. The BCHD officer is responsible for oversight of over 140 establishments that sell and/or prepare food for public consumption.











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