Vol. 44, No. 16

April 17, 2018

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BCHS welders earn state certification

By Shirley Shuman
High school welding instructor Jason Wayne recently released the names of 10 of his welding students who have earned state certification in different areas of welding. All are seniors.
Louie Ancell led the group in the number of certifications received. Wayne noted that Ancell is now certified in SMAW stick welding, plate, and pipe. He also holds certification in GMAW mig welding and plate welding.
Two students—Noah Facemire and Jacob Beckett, are now certified in SMAW plate and pipe.
The other seven, which includes Andy Jackson, Luke Campbell, Nathan Lawson, Seth Arnold, Kenny Dobbins, Chris Severance, and Austin Litton, received certification in SMAW plate welding.
Asked to explain just what holding these certifications means to the young welders, instructor Wayne answered with, “It proves they can weld.” He continue to explain.
“It helps them get their foot in the door with some company. It says they have a good work ethic since they worked hard to accomplish [the certification],” he said.



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Three BCMS students earn
Golden Horseshoes

By Shirley Shuman
Three eighth-graders from Braxton County Middle School will soon join the honored group of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe. Levi Demastus, Joey Johnson, and David Lane Martin recently learned that their performance on the statewide test qualified them as winners.
All three of the boys, who insisted they were “surprised” they had won, credited their West Virginia Studies teacher Lori Dittman as being influential in their success. Demastus explained that Mrs. Dittman “makes class interesting” and said she had encouraged him to take the test.
Johnson, the son of Shawn Johnson and Karen Price, described Dittman as a “fun teacher,” and said “Mrs. Dittman makes learning easy. Martin also credited his teacher with helping him learn about the state. Johnson was the only one of the three who indicated he had studied about the state before this school term. He noted that he became interested when his sister had West Virginia studies. “I was in the sixth grade,” he said.

Braxton County High School 2018 Top Ten

By Shirley Shuman
Tied for number five among the BCHS Top 10 seniors, Payton Lockard is one of those students who go beyond academic activities during their high school careers. The son of Chad and Jamie Lockard, he, in addition to being active academically, has also been a three-sport athlete for part of his high-school career. Lockard played football, basketball and baseball.
Actually, the young man’s favorite memory at Braxton County High School relates directly to sports. His response to this question was “winning the regional championship and going to the 17-18 boys’ state tournament.”


Two more arrests in ongoing
investigation bring total to nine

Two more arrests have been made in the ongoing drug investigation involving the Central Regional Jail. Amber Bjornsson, 32 of Spencer and Jimmy Gladwell, 39 of Richwood have both been charged with two counts of attempting to deliver controlled substances into a jail for meth and marijuana, and two counts of conspiracy.
The investigation started back on March 20 when Braxton County Sheriff Eddie Williams received information about females who were going to bring drugs into the magistrate court and drop them off in the restroom for an inmate to pick up and take back to CRJ. BCSD Deputy C.E. Westfall and LT B.A. Scarbro arrived at the magistrate’s office and checked the bathroom. They then waited and monitored who was entering the restroom. Jalysa Mosley entered the restroom and after exiting, Deputy Westfall located finger tips off of rubber gloves containing meth and marijuana. She informed the officers that two other women, Jessica Neal and Kelly Hughes, were outside in a vehicle and they were aware of what she was doing. All three were charged with two counts of possession with intent to deliver for meth and marijuana, and two counts of conspiracy.

Braxton fiddler... Melvin Wine

Melvin Wine was the recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow in 1991. As a result he was written up in Art Works magazine and enjoyed a wide range of performances and apprenticing students.
Melvin Wine was born in 1909 in Burnsville WV. His father Bob Wine played the fiddle and his mother Elizabeth Sandy Wine sang ballads and hymns. Some of Melvin’s earliest memories were of lying in bed at night listening to his father’s fiddling. He often said that some of the tunes he heard touched and overjoyed him. This was the spark that started his fiddling interest.
Melvin Wine had little formal education. He started playing the fiddle when he was nine and taught himself his first tune, “Bonaparte’s Retreat”. He played it for his father, who then taught him tunes his own father, Nelson Wine, had taught him. In turn, Nelson learned from his father Smithy Wine. According to Melvin if had difficulty with a tune, his father would stand behind him, hold his arm and show him how to do it.





Peeking behind the kitchen door
of Braxton eateriesree

In an effort to keep our readership informed, the Citizens’ News presents another installment of a continuing series which details the findings of the Braxton County Health Department Sanitarian’s inspections.
The BCHD officer is responsible for oversight of over 140 establishments that sell and/or prepare food for public consumption. Violations are grouped under two categories: Critical and Non critical. Infractions cited on the “Food Establishment Inspection Report” shall be corrected within the time frame specified by the inspector as indicated at the time of inspection.
The Citizens’ News believes that an informed public should know what the Health Department finds in these reports.
The following had no violations: Frametown Elementary School Cafeteria, Little Birch Elementary School Cafeteria, and Mad Annie’s
The following received only non-critical violations. Davis Elementary School Cafeteria received only one non-critical violation - covered waste receptacle not provided in all female restrooms. Sutton Elementary School Cafeteria had only one violation - dishwasher water supply line leaks.

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