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Commission endorses Sutton building revitalization

Bill Hunt (standing center) along with Commissioners Gary Ellyson (left) and George Skidmore (right) watch president Ron Facemire sign the letter of support for a Historical Preservation Grant to put a new roof on the old Braxton Motor Building Hunt recently purchased.

Bill Hunt was the first to speak to the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday. The local businessman told of his recent purchase of the Braxton Motor property and his plans to open a motorsports complex. He said that since the building is on the National Register of Historical Places he was eligible to apply for a 50-50 matching Historical Preservation Grant from the Department of Culture and History to replace the roof. Hunt told the Commission that it would be very helpful if they would provide of letter of support for the project. Gary Ellyson made a motion approve the request.
Commission President Ron Facemire congratulated Hunt on his new venture and on behalf of the Commission wished him well. “This new business will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Sutton and our County. We are pleased that you have chosen this area for your new venture,” Facemire told Hunt.
Dawn Whitesel of the Gassaway Volunteer Fire Department appeared before the Commission to brief them on an event the GVFD hopes to host in August. She requested $1,000 from the Hotel/Motel fund to assist in financing the project. Following a brief discussion, Gary Ellyson made a motion to allocate the money contingent on a letter from the county’s other fire departments that they will participate without paying vendor fees.
Amber Humphries, Director of the Day Report Center gave the Commission her monthly update. She said that she had recently completed training that would allow her to instruct additional court ordered training. She said that from October 2014 through March 11 of this year, her agency had conducted 504 drug screening with only 66 testing positive; two individuals had completed drug and alcohol classes and three others were in current classes; a total of 17 individuals are currently under the supervision of the DRC. The director added that she had recently billed DHHR $5,113.80 for services rendered to that agency.
Evelyn Post appeared before the Commission representing the Burnsville Public Utility Board. She said that the Public Service Commission was currently reviewing her agency’s certificate of need for the Orlando/Route 5 waterline extension. She added that she was hopeful that the project could go to bid in July or August. She also told the Commission that her agency was in need of a new vehicle and that she would return to the Commission in the near future to request that they purchase that truck as they did in the past.
Post also invited the Commission to an upcoming open house for Central West Virginia Aging Service’s new venture: a durable medical equipment business. She stated that the venture is located on the 1st floor of the City National Bank Building and will provide 6 additional jobs in the beginning. The date of the open house has not yet been finalized.
Later in the meeting the Commission passed a motion to advertise the positions of EMS Director; OES/9-1-1 Director and a Deputy OES/9-1-1 Director. All three positions are currently held by Mike Baker.
In other business, George Skidmore made a motion to approve the short form settlements for the following people as presented by the Fiduciary Supervisor: Irene V. Beamer, Mary Genevieve Boggs, Jack M. Boone, Gerald J. Cawthon, Roberta Lee Coleman, Kenneth Davis, Josie Maxine Luzader, Gladys Lucille Stalnaker and Sharon K. Wine.
Applications for correction of erroneous assessments for the following were approved on a motion introduced by Gary Ellyson: Robert L. Kestner, Linda Hardesty.
It was also Ellyson who initiated action to approve a request by Cecil B. Jackson, Jr. to consolidate contiguous tracts of land for tax purposes.
A single purchase order was approved. It authorized the Sheriff’s Department to purchase 4 tires from Frank’s Tires in Gassaway at a cost of $560.00.
Gary Ellyson made a motion to reimburse American Legion Post #33 for the WV Development Office Grant administered by the Commission.
Gregory Robinson was officially designed as the Braxton County Humane office as a result of a motion by Gary Ellyson.
The 2015-16 Budget for Braxton County was approved on a motion by Commissioner Ellyson.
A separate motion approved internal budget revisions to the current year’s budget.
In separate motions the Commission will advertise for interested persons to set on the Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Area Board. Rella Cvetican was appointed to a vacancy on the Braxton County Development Authority at the request of the Board.
The Elk River Chapter of the NSDAR was given permission to hold a dedication ceremony to add names to the Historical Monument on the Courthouse Lawn on Saturday May 30, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.
Following a review, county invoices, p-card invoices and EMS invoices were approved for payment.
The last item of business was the approval of the minutes of the Commission’s most recent meetings which was accomplished with a motion by George Skidmore. The meeting adjourned at 9:56 a.m.
The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will be held on April 2 beginning at 9:00 a.m.


Mark Clarke named NWTF’s Wildlife
Manager of the Year

Mark Clarke is presented his Wildlife Manager of the Year plaque by NWTF West Virginia Chapter President Scott Wilson.

Mark Clarke, wildlife manager on the Elk River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Braxton County, recently was selected by the West Virginia State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) as their 2014 Wildlife Manager of the Year. He was presented the NWTF’s “Making Tracks Award” at their annual awards banquet Jan. 10, 2015, by Chapter President Scott Wilson.
At the same event, Natural Resources Police Cpl. Michael Sibole of the DNR Law Enforcement Section was presented the Sharp Spur Award in recognition of his dedication to protecting the wildlife resources of West Virginia. Sibole is stationed in Berkeley County in Division of Natural Resources District 2.
Clarke began his career with the Division of Natural Resources in May 1989 on the Elk River WMA. He was involved in the wild turkey trapping and relocation program that established birds throughout Braxton and Clay counties. Clarke also played an active role in West Virginia’s wild turkey population dynamics study that was completed in the mid-1990s. This study helped to formulate an understanding of wild turkey biology, including survival and mortality factors. Findings from this research greatly enhanced DNR’s ability to manage this important resource.
Clarke continues to work with various organizations and community groups to teach youngsters about wildlife conservation. He has been an outstanding contributor to outdoor education programs in public schools, 4-H programs and the annual Envirothon in Braxton County. He has worked with Boy Scout programs, church camps, Arbor Day activities and summer programs at the local library. Clarke prepared grant proposals to purchase wildlife books and other educational material for schools in Braxton County. Weyerhaeuser and the local Rotary Club provided funding for these projects and purchased wildlife books for six elementary school libraries in Braxton County.
Clarke has been active in implementing forest management practices on Elk River WMA. He has established important young forest habitat on the area by harvesting timber in a sound and sustainable fashion. Several wildlife clearings have been incorporated into these timber sales that provide outstanding habitat for wild turkey broods and other wildlife.

Local Group to Stage Mock Emergency Training Event

The Braxton County Local Emergency Planning Committee will be staging a mock emergency training event for emergency responders in southern Braxton County on Saturday, March 28, 2015.
The scenario will test local agencies’ ability to respond to a transportation accident that involves hazardous materials. The event will contain a simulation of the emergency, to include actors made up like injured persons. Responders will begin at the Frametown park & ride and the Frametown Volunteer Fire Department, then respond to the emergency scene as if it were real.
The event will be held along Wilsie Road, outside of Frametown from 12 p.m. to approximately 4 p.m.
The training is supported by numerous organizations in the county, including the Braxton County Office of Emergency Services, Braxton County Memorial Hospital, Braxton County Schools, and Columbia Gas Transmission.
For anyone wishing to request additional information about this training event, contact the Braxton County Local Emergency Planning Committee at braxtonlepc@gmail.com.
The Braxton County Local Emergency Planning Committee is comprised of local emergency response and industry personnel for the purpose of planning for potential hazardous material emergencies in the county. The committee works with local stakeholders to advance all-hazard emergency preparedness in Braxton County. The committee was formed as part of the Community Right-to-Know legislation in the early 1990s.


Maciak heads to jail,
Lytle receives probation

James Maciak appeared in Braxton County Circuit Court before Judge Richard A. Facemire on the 12th of January for sentencing. Clinton Bishchoff acted as Maciak’s counsel in the matter. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State.
Maciak, in person and by counsel, requested some form of alternative sentencing, but the Court saw the defendant as a poor candidate. Therefore, the Court denied this motion and ordered that Maciak be imprisoned in the state penitentiary for two counts of the felonious offense of Grand Larceny and for one count of Nighttime Burglary. These charges shall run consecutively, leaving the defendant with no less than six and no more than eighty years in the state penitentiary.
On January 13, William Cody Lytle made appearances in Circuit Court for the purpose of sentencing. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State in the matter, while J. Paul Williams acted as Lytle’s counsel.
Lytle, in person and by counsel, requested probation prior to sentencing and the State had no objection to the motion. It was ordered that upon his conviction to the felonious offense of Delivery of Methamphetamine, the defendant be sentenced to the state penitentiary for no less than one, but no more than five years. However, the Court granted Lytle’s request for probation. It was further ordered that if the defendant fails to comply with the terms and conditions of that probation, it will be terminated and Lytle will be arrested.


BCHS Top Ten Senior Countdown

By: Shirley Shuman
Her favorite high school memory relates to the band’s performance at the last football game. The teacher who she says influenced her the most is then-band director Allen Heath. From this, one can safely conclude that Sarah Mallory, who ranks tenth in the 2015 Braxton County High graduating class, considers band a very important part of her high school career.
Mallory, the daughter of Jeff and Sharon Mallory of Burnsville, described her favorite memory. “[It] has to be at my very last home football game. The band circled up around the seniors to sing the Alma Mater (tradition). That time we sang it with tears in our eyes because we were full of pride and happiness as a family,” she said.
Explaining that the teacher that influenced her life the most did more than just teach, Mallory said that Heath “has encouraged me to push myself past the ‘good enough’ barrier and strive for excellence in all that I do.” She added, “He has shared his passion for music with his students and has inspired me to be not only a better musician but a student leader as well.”
That leadership shows in the fact that Mallory served as trumpet section leader not only in the marching band but also in the concert band and the pep band. Further indicating leadership abilities, she is secretary of the local chapter of the National Honor Society.
In addition to her busy life related to school, this young woman enjoys “playing the trumpet, reading and occasionally knitting.”
Headed for West Virginia Wesleyan College in the fall, Mallory plans to major in nursing.
Grateful for all the help she has received during her time at Braxton County High School, she expressed a thank-you to “everyone who has continuously encouraged [her] to do [her] best—teachers, friends, family and community.” She said, “I cannot fully express my gratitude for all the support I have received in everything I’ve done.”


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