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In this weeks edition:

Do it the right way…
I continue to watch the development of surrounding our Supreme Court. Depending on the day… it sometime appears that I have tuned into some soap operate saga. I was particularly concerned when I first heard the decision of the special Supreme Court Justices appointed to hear Margaret Wookman’s petition concerning the charges of impeachment against her.
That report said the ruling stated that the action of the Legislative Branch was unconstitutional. My first reaction was where will the checks and balances be? There is already mounting evidence that these justices were operating without any oversite and certainly much of what they are accused of is not in the best interest of the citizens of our state. Where will the oversite be, if impeachment is unconstitutional?
Well a little digging relieved my anxiety. As it turned out the appointed Justices stated that the procedure used by the House of Delegates was flawed and thereby the process was unconstitutional. Now that produces a much different outcome than I initially feared.
Earlier news accounts identified that the House in their haste, failed to take a procedural vote on adopting the article of impeachment. By the time the error was brought to their attention, they felt it was too late to correct it and proceeded with the task at hand. That action, or lack thereof is what the Supreme Court based their opinion. In fact, two of the Justices identified how the House could correct their mistake in their partially descending opinion. Here is what I consider the most important part of a very long opinion. “This case is not about whether or not a Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia can or should be impeached; but rather it is about the fact that to do so, it must be done correctly and constitutionally with due process,” the justices wrote. “We are a nation of laws and not of men, and the rule of law must be followed.”
I totally agree, if the House can bend the rules, then who are they to find fault with the Supreme Court Justices? Even though our elected leaders often don’t seem to realize it, they are not above the law. Our founding fathers put that constitution in place for the common good of all the citizens. Those elected to represent us must abide by the same laws they take an oath to enforce.
We all error, that human. Recognize those errors and correct them. Is that asking too much? The House needs to back up and regroup. That is the least they can do if they truly want to represent those who elected them. It’s not a democrat thing or a republican thing… it’s the right thing!

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