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In this weeks edition:

Early voting starts Wednesday…
Here is your reminder… Early Voting starts Wednesday. It will take place, as it the past, at what is commonly called the Old Fisher Building, across the street from the Courthouse and beside the Sutton Fire Station.
I’m sure many of you are as fed up as I am regarding the national political picture. I recently saw a cartoon that summed it up rather well, I thought. It was outlines of the two candidates faces with the question “Is this really the best our country can do?” above it. \
Regardless of the frustration, I am still committed to voting. I firmly believe it is not only our right but our responsibility.
While the presidential picture is muddy water at best, some other area are quite clean in my mind’s eye.
First and foremost, I will vote for Eddie Williams for Sheriff. While I certainly have no issues with his opponent, I think Eddie has been an excellent public servant. He has vastly improved the Sheriff’s Department. Sure, I’m imagine there are some that would challenge that statement. You can’t please all the people all the time. But from my objective seat, I honestly believe, Eddie has worked hard at representing you and me. It’s not about Eddie Williams… it’s about serving our citizens and improving our community. Eddie Williams has earned my vote!
I will also support and vote for Delegate Brent Boggs and Senator Doug Facemire. I think both are very good for Braxton County and we should keep them in office.
A lot of the local races are not contested so I’m not going to waste space here discussing them. I wish these folks all well and hope they don’t forget who elected them when they take office.
The state picture is certainly a little clearer for me than the national one. I am going to vote for Jim Justice. I watch both debates and he just came across as more of a sincere candidate. I like the fact that Justice has taken his time to coach his local high school basketball teams. He obviously could have spent that time more financially productive on business matters, but he wanted to help those kids and he did. I think he has the right attitude to get our state out of its’ runt and in a new direction.
On the other hand, I had high hopes when the Republicans took control of the State Legislature. Unfortunately those hopes didn’t last long. In place of showing us what they could do, they fixed things that weren’t broken and all too often played partisan politics as if it for the 1960’s.
Justice is not a politician by today’s definition. I think he deserves a shot at improving our state.
Now you don’t have to agree with me on any of this, but I do seriously hope that, whether it’s now during early voting or on Election Day, November 8, you go to the polls and cast your ballot, your way. That’s the democratic process, warts and all, but we must preserve what our forefathers fought and died for. Go Vote!

Will return soon...


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