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Who’s running the ship of state…

Let me say upfront, I am an avid 2nd Amendment supporter and I support the efforts of the NRA. At least I do most of the time. I have voiced concern about legislation last year and this that does away with the concealed carry permit requirement in our state.
I am so adamant about it, that I have taken the time to do some lobbing to support my position that… it ain’t broke and we don’t need to fix it. I fail to understand why the Republican controlled legislature is so determined to pass this measure.
During my discussions, one argument that I encountered was that the fee of $100 for five years is an unjust tax. I don’t buy it… I have a number of guns. I like to attend gun shows and other arenas were firearms are for sale. I don’t recall seeing any for less than $100. That fee averages out to $20 per year. That’s really not much money. I don’t like paying taxes any better than anyone else. But we all have to agree that we have to pay for the services we want and/or demand some way. This fee is reasonable.
More importantly, is the educational aspect of the permitting process. One person I spoke to presented an argument, that a simple coat tail or shirt is all the difference there is since carrying a firearm openly is legal in West Virginia. My argument to that is my own personal safety. If I see someone carrying a gun, I can choose to avoid them. If this law passes, I will not have the information to make that decision. Yes, I may not know if someone has a concealed carry permit, but I do have the consolation of knowing they had to do more than simply pick up a gun and put it in their pocket.
I also think it will force the law enforcement community into a different mode of operation. They will now have to assume that anyone they encounter has a concealed weapon.
We don’t allow everyone that turns 16 to get behind the wheel of a car without proper training and licensing. Why would be not want the same assurance with someone carring a gun?
Statistically, surveys have very plainly shown that the vast majority of West Virginia citizens don’t want the law changed. It is also a fact that few elected officials in Charleston want to be on the bad side of the NRA. In many ways I don’t blame them. However, when this lobby or any other, supersedes the will of the people as appears to be the case here, it’s a sad day for our democratic way of life. The constitution gives us the right to bear arms. It also tells our leaders that they represent the people. In this case, the people are not first and foremost in the
decision making process and that is also sad.

Will return soon...


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