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In this weeks edition:

Pet peeve and more…
At my age I have lots of pet peeves. Parking in restricted/handicapped zones; throwing trash out windows; throwing cigarette butts on the street… just to name a few.
But the one that probable lights my fire the quickest is when I call someone and they give me the ole… “press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish etc.” I pay more and more bills on-line. Mostly because, you never know when the check is going to arrive, if you send it by mail. The automated collection agencies are probable the worst offenders in my book. Or at least that’s what I thought until recently.
I was traveling a week or so ago, and stopped for a quick lunch at a KFC. I placed my order and inside the bag was this little printed piece of paper telling me I could “Enter for a chance to win $1,000.” I don’t usually pay much attention to this type of promotion. Mostly because I realize that with a national chain, my chances of winning are probably a billion to one. Just as I was about the send the item to file 13, I noticed the back. It appeared to be the same message in another language. I guess it is Spanish. I have no real idea since I only find a need to speak and write in Emglish.
I found this item a real insult. I always pictured KFC as the perfect example of good ole southern hospitality and eating. After all what is more American than fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.
I am not against anyone coming to this country, legally. Our country was founded on the concept of a new beginning and I certainly support anyone trying to improve themselves. If you are going to come to this country, learn to speak the language. As a lifelong American I find it insulting to have to choose my native language for a long list.
I have traveled some and talked to other more versed in foreign lands than I. I have never experienced or heard of anyone picking up a phone in another county and hearing “press 1 for English” so why are we doing it in the United States?

Early voting…
Early voting begins this week. Anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with hassle of election day or don’t think they will have time on November 4 can visit the Old Fisher Building on Main Street in Sutton, beside the Sutton Fire Station and across form the Courthouse, between now and the election and vote at their leisure.
Another of my pet peeves is all this negative campaigning. I find myself turning against candidates that pursue this method of getting elected. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do, when most everyone, that is a viable candidate in the race is doing the same thing. I will however, go to the polls and I hope you will too. It is our constitutional right to vote. I also think it is our responsibility if we live in these free United States. Please go vote!

Will return soon...


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