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In this weeks edition:

What a fiasco…

Let me say first… I grew up in Gassaway. I consider it my home. I have great memories of the town and its’ people. I wish them nothing but the best. With that said, I attended the Gassaway Town Council meeting last Thursday, an account of which can be found in this issue. I don’t often attend this meeting. Much of it has to do with staffing and scheduling conflicts. However, we still feel obligated to keep our readership informed and fulfill our role as a watchdog of governmental agencies.
With all the rumors that have come from recent council meetings I felt the need to go see for myself. And see it I did… three hours of seeing. Unfortunately, there was little substance produced in those three hours. I am the first to say that governing bodies such as city councils need to hear their citizens and sometimes it is productive to let them vent. There were a number of issues addressed during this long meeting, but few saw any resolution.
In the 40+ years I have been behind this desk I have attended hundreds if not thousands of these meetings. This one takes the prize for being the most out of control of any of them. For a while… I found myself wondering if I had stumbled into an audition of the Jerry Springer Show rather than the Gassaway City Council meeting. Such meetings are supposed to be run in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Previous meetings I attended with Ritchie presiding were much more in line with proper procedure than last Thursday’s.
It was obvious to me that most of those setting around the table had the best interest of their town at heart. It is time that those, elected to represent the Town of Gassaway, to get serious about working for the common good. That will undoubtedly take some give and take on everyone’s part. The Mayor and Council must give the citizens that elected them, more than what I saw last Thursday. The residents deserve and should demand it.

A great new beginning…
My hat is off to the new Board of Education. They are the ones that are behind the meet and greet event that is set in conjunction with the first home game this Friday. My understanding is that they came up with the idea and have put together something very positive without using school money. The court of public opinion may still be deliberating when it comes to our Board of Education, but this is truly a great new beginning!

Late breaking news…
As is reported in the front page story dealing with the Gassaway Council, Howard Carpenter resigned as Chief of Police following Thursday night’s council meeting. He called me just as we were finishing up this issue (late Monday evening) and said he had been approached by residents of the town and had reconsidered. He says he feels he has the ability to help the citizens of Gassaway and is going to give it a try. He did add that he hoped to avoid further council meeting, if they were anything like the last week. I wish Howard well.

Will return soon...


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